Week 15

Week 15-3

Dear Genevieve,

This was a big week for you. This week, we went on our first family holiday. Yay. We weren’t away for very long however which was  bit sad. And it took quite a few hours to get where we were going so you were in and out of the car. A lot. You only screamed and cried like half the time though. We totally thought that was a massive improvement!

The first leg in the car was always the best. Probably because you hadn’t yet had enough time to be truly jack of it. The second leg wasn’t so bad either but the third and fourth time your disgustingly mean and revolting parents had the audacity to put you back in the car, you really let us know about it. So there was not a whole lot of sleeping going on in the car. There wasn’t a whole lot of sleeping going on outside it either for that matter.

Week 15-4

You tended to catnap as we went from winery to winery and only had one proper nap the whole weekend (and your week wasn’t much better might I add). You did sleep at night of course. Or, that is, you did a couple of three hour stretches and then you’d go back down but wake after every single sleep cycle. Which of course meant that I was up every half hour or so rocking and shushing to get you back to sleep. You often went straight back down which was fantastic but the fact that I had to keep getting up totally sucked big time.

And what’s with the three hour thing? You used to be quite variable which also meant that here and there I’d get four or more hours of sleep out of you. Not any more! Three hours of slumber and you’re awake and ready to let the world know about it. You are very particular little girl. Oh, and by the way, you are giving Gigi a complex. Every time my mother holds you, you start crying. Maybe not immediately but it doesn’t take you long to get your whinge on. What’s that about?

Week 15

Despite the couple of less than wonderful things we experienced over the weekend, as far as I am concerned, you totally redeemed yourself when you laughed for the first time. It felt a little out of the blue and after that brief couple of minutes, I couldn’t get you to repeat the phenomenon but you did laugh. I even had Grumps as a witness. As your quite biased mother I can say it was totally gorgeous. Your dad was busy buying wine however so he missed it which is why you’ll have to figure out what you did so you can do it again.

Week 15-2

We had actually thought putting you in the Jolly Jumper this week might elicit a giggle or two or at least more smiles out of you. You are well able to hold your head up now so we strapped you in and let you bounce. You seemed to take the whole thing very seriously however. Exercise is work and is not fun! I’m actually not sure what you think is fun. Something that makes you smile one day will not necessarily make you smile the next. You are obviously developing your mind behind those big blue eyes of yours as you are now showing more of an interest in the world around you.

Where you previously held no interest in the Lamaze toys with their bright colours and noisy bits that we’d wave at you, you will now follow them with your eyes as they move. You are also starting to reach for things in front of you whether they be inanimate objects or us. You don’t swat anything and everything within reach and you’re still not so much for the grabbing and holding on for dear life but you are starting to experiment a bit more with those crazy limbs of yours. Just as you are experimenting with your voice. You have become very chatty of late and you have this way of making a vibration in the back of your throat so you sound a bit like a crow. It’s somewhat amusing.

Alles Liebe,



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