Dirty Laundry


Dear Husband,

Some people say there’s a place for everything and everything in its place. Clearly, in our house, the place for empty alcohol bottles is on the coffee table. The place for dirty socks is under the coffee table. The place for dirty boxer shorts is behind the bathroom door and the place where receipts go to die is apparently under our bed. I would like to point out however that the place for clean towels is not, never has been and never will be on top of the manky dog bed.

Now we have been through this one before. I am not thrilled with your ironing short cut/technique/process whereby you dump whatever is in the drier somewhere else and then run just your shirt to heat the creases out. I have given up on trying to win that battle though. I had hoped however that you would have learnt from last time that you should not put clean laundry on top of something filthy. And for your information, I think the extra dog bed (which we also put outside) is an even worse choice than the floor. So I was not at all impressed and I sent you a sarcastic SMS to tell you how much your lack of effort was appreciated.

Later that afternoon, when I came to pick you up, you apologised for dumping all the towels. You also asked:
I assume you meant to say the ‘manky’ dog bed?
Um, yes..what did I say?
The ‘manly’ dog bed.

Damn auto correct.

Rightfully yours,

Your Loving Wife


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