Week 14

Week 14

Dear Genevieve,

Hey girlie! You know the means by which you get fed? They’re attached! It’s not an entirely new thing from you for sure but over the last week, you almost seemed to take pleasure in clamping down, sucking hard and throwing your head back with abandon. I am eternally grateful that you do not yet have teeth. I certainly don’t have much hope of coming loose without intervention. I’m pretty sure you could suck a golf ball through a garden hose if you so wished. You actually gave your dad a hickey this week because he seemed to think you wouldn’t do that much damage and thought it was kind of funny to watch you suck his arm. He thought twice afterwards though.

So perhaps this week was the opening salvo in a future of you “sticking it to the man”. I must say, I also noticed that you have this way of curling a few of your fingers when you are moving your hand across something. For some reason, it’s comfortable for you to curl your outer digits in and leave the middle one elongated in such a fashion that makes it seem like you’re flipping me the bird. That is not polite. And it’s certainly not appropriate behaviour for a little lady so we’re going to have to make sure that this never becomes a habit. I’m hoping that a wasteful nature does not become your habit either.

Week 14-3

I know you’re just a baby and all and you haven’t even started on solids but I want to encourage you to not be wasteful with what you have. And I ask you this because twice – on the same day – this week, you managed to soil a nappy before I could even get it fastened on you.  The first time, I had a clean diaper nearly all the way under your butt and then you decided to wee all over it. And the change mat. And your clothes. The second time, I was getting ready to fasten a fresh one on you and you did a big runny poop that leaked all over the place. I guess I should be grateful that it wasn’t one of those explosive poos that ended up all over me as well. I couldn’t help thinking though that if you could just have gone thirty seconds earlier…

Week 14-2

So also this week, you started this lip smacking thing. I don’t mean that you started punching yourself in the head and consistently getting your mouth though. Whenever you punch yourself in the head, it seems like its a pretty random sort of thing. No, this week, you started licking your lips, pursing them and then trying to suck air through them at which point they would separate and make the lip smacking sound. It didn’t appear to be associated in any way with your feeding. It just seemed to amuse you. Because you kept on doing it. It was your new trick. And it was kind of cute. Unlike the clothes grabbing.

Some babies seem to take to the grasping reflex and hold on to anything they can reach with their hands. You can put a rattle into the hands of some babies and they will wave that thing around with an iron fist as if their life depended on it. You, not so much. You will grasp our fingers from time to time and you have held a rattle once or twice. For less than a minute. It seems that in general, holding on to stuff bores you. So you let go. You have minions to fetch and carry so why should you exert yourself? You have taken to grabbing a fistful of your clothes however and pulling at them. Regularly. You grab them when I change you and when you’re in the bouncer and just whenever really. Oh well, at least you can’t actually take them off. You are only a floozy with your smiles.

Week 14-4

We have undertaken to shoot a photo of you every day and we usually try our darnedest to get a smile on camera. No matter how bad the day as a whole might be, we try to get one of your beautiful smiles on record. This is often easier said than done. I spend a lot of time making silly sounds and faces. It seems that right now however, you don’t like the camera that much. And occasionally you don’t seem to like us that much either. As soon as I take you next door for a visit or someone else comes over though, you turn on the charm. Neighbourette pops over to say hi and you’re all smiles. You’re a total floozy! Hows about you send a few more of those smiles my way?

Alles Liebe,



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