Beethoven’s Fifth

Lifting BabyDear Genevieve,

When you are really tired, and I mean flat out exhausted, your brain seems to fall asleep before your body. Your mind shuts down and your eyes close but it takes your little body a bit longer to catch up and fully relax. Occasionally however, it does seem that you are almost too tired to remember to breathe. You will be lying there, very still and quiet and all of a sudden you will take a deep quick breath as, oh yeah, the living thing doesn’t work without the breathing thing.

The other night after we finally got you down and were trying to get to sleep ourselves, you were doing that again. Only it was like a little Beethoven serenade. I would hear a sharp intake of breath followed by a further inhalation and a final gasp of air before you would let out a sigh. It’s incredibly hard to write and the closest I can come is “hic-hic-hic-sigh…”. With your vocal chords partly engaged however, it sounded just like the opening bars of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. It was very cute.

As an aside, at the time that you were doing this, I couldn’t actually remember what the name of the piece was. I tried to google it but I guess it is hardly surprising that putting “da-da-da-dum classical” into a search engine is not very helpful. All was not lost however because I sang it to Neighbourette the next day to see if she could tell me. She knew exactly the piece that I was talking about but was in the middle of what I assume was a pregnancy related brain fart and couldn’t remember what it was called either. She promised to get back to me though.

She rang me later to say that she had gone on to ask her dad who admonished her for not coming up with the name for one of the most well known pieces of classical music immediately. She gave me the title of the piece and said “I’m not sure why you need it but there you go”. So I told her exactly why I wanted to know what it was called and she said “well now, that makes the whole thing even funnier”.

Bis dann,


* And I would credit the image which I shamelessly stole if I had the faintest idea of who owned it.


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