Week 13

Week 13

Dear Genevieve,

So you really threw that whole “good baby” thing out the window this week didn’t you? Just when I thought we were going to start getting into a daily routine where you NAP, you decided I’ll show her and tried on something new for size. Just to be different, you started being demanding and wakeful – All Day Long. Sure, you might take the odd cat nap, preferably on me, but then you’d spend the majority of your time (or so it felt) carrying on like a pork chop. I did not have a good week.

In fact, I had a crappy week. There were tears by the end of it. Yours and mine. You were tired/hungry/uncomfortable/bored and I was…over it. I finally reached that point I suppose many new mothers do when they just think I’ve had enough. I don’t want to be doing this any more. I need a break. That point at which you are equal parts in love with your child, wanting to protect, care and nurture, and wishing them to purgatory and back. I know I am reaching that point when I just want to yell Shut Uuuuuuppp!! at you as loud as possible. I don’t of course. Instead, I sing to you, I read to you, I talk to you, I bounce you, I swing you, I pace with you over my shoulder, I pace with you cradled on your side and I pace with you face out sitting up against my chest.

Week 13-3

I try everything I can think of in the hopes that you will remain still and quiet and when I run through all my options and nothing seems to work, I go through them all again. I must admit that I was a little put out because I had heard that once a baby is born, things will feel like they’re going downhill for about 6 weeks and then they get better for about 6 weeks until, at three months, everyone feels like they’re on more of an even keel again. We got to three months and you broke! It was pointed out to me though that as I never actually went through the going downhill part for the first 6 weeks, I don’t get to feel like I’m getting a reward now.

So I was frustrated this week. I was also tired. You started waking up for two night feeds instead of one and the sleepy drugs in my milk stopped working for me. Apparently, the same thing in breast milk that is supposed to make you go back to sleep is meant to assist me back to the land of nod but last week I was lying awake for up to an hour after feeding you which really didn’t really help my sanity. And what’s more, during the day, you started to show a preference for mum so even when Sparky tried to settle you, you would scream and wail. That didn’t help my sanity either. Sigh.

Week 13-6

Other things I noticed this week were that you are growing more and more like your dad each day. Obviously not with the whole drool kitten thing you’ve got going. Seriously, you could fill a bath with the amount of saliva that drips out of your mouth. You dad doesn’t do that, thank God, but his mind does tick over constantly. He gets bored easily and is rarely content to do the same thing for an extended period of time. You aren’t either. You are very alert and you want to be entertained. You’re not like other babies that will stare fascinated at their hands for hours. Actually, regarding your hands, you would rather stick them down your throat. You like to choke yourself a couple of times a day at the moment. That is, you like to get your fist in your mouth until you gag, at which point it’s not so much fun anymore because you have a coughing fit. You haven’t quite got the whole thumb sucking thing yet. You sometimes start out mouthing just your thumb but then the whole hand gets in there.

Week 13-4

Also, you startle like your dad. You may be nodding off and then something will jar you awake but it doesn’t seem to be just the body jerk I see in other babies. No, your whole body tenses, you spread out like a starfish, you start breathing really quickly, your eyes open wide and you get a really distressed look that says what-is-happening-where-am-I-who-are-you-how-did-I-get-here-when-am-I-going-to-feel-ok-again-please-tell-me-because-I-don’t-feel-so-good-right-now! Part of me thinks it’s kind of funny but the other part doesn’t want you to grow up with an anxious disposition because that would suck. For all of us. So try not to grow up like your dad with that one. And don’t learn to talk from him either.

Your dad baby talks to you. I will frequently come across him “speaking” to you but it is often something along the lines of “abooboobubadagachoobi” or something like that. This is not English. It’s not any other recognisable language either. I would feel better if he was singing On The Ning Nang Nong or Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious or even Bibidi-Bobidy-Boo to you which contain nonsense words but he’s not. When you’re older, it will be fine. Your dad knows the difference between “can I” and “may I” and his mum did a good job of teaching him not to say less people understand proper grammar today (Lord knows most schools don’t) but until then, just keep in mind that ultimately we’re going for words here, not just sounds.

Week 13-5

The only other thing I noticed this week is that you turned into a bit of a spewy baby. I think I saw you bring up as much milk this week as I had seen you bring up over the previous twelve. For some babies, this is very common and hardly worth noting but you’ve not really done it with any sort of regularity before. So now I have to be a bit more vigilant in making sure that I have a spit cloth ready for you. Having said that, I did go up to the shops the other day with baby spit all down my sleeve but I want to point out that I contemplated changing before I left the house. I might have too if it wasn’t for the fact that we live in boganville and no one else would care. I do like looking presentable though.

I like you to look presentable too. And you have a ton of clothes in which to do that. I packed up your 0000 clothes this week to make room for all the 000 clothes we had ready and waiting. Some of them are so cute. I just hope we have enough warm days left that you can get some wear out of them all before we need to layer you up to keep warm. And just in case you think that I don’t like being your mum and I believe you’re always rotten, I want to mention that when it came to choosing some photos to remember this week by, I saw the smiles and the moments that do make it all worthwhile. Also the moments when I really should be a better parent my tv baby…

Week 13-2Alles Liebe,



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