Week 12

Week 12

Dear Genevieve,

This week, you weren’t very well. You had your first real cold complete with a snotty nose. It wasn’t a bad cold however, and you were far from unbearable but you were still a little miserable at times. So you started out the week sick and then Sparky got sick. Your dad got laryngitis part way through the week and ended up spending a day at home. And by comparison, he was very miserable. After Sparky got sick though, I got sick too but I couldn’t really afford to be miserable. Finally, to round things out, the puppy had another eye operation, so he wasn’t sick but he probably had the most right of the lot of us to be miserable.

I will concede however that having a blocked nose when you don’t know how to blow must really suck. You know, figuratively speaking. I mean you’re there, struggling with blocked sinuses and snot in your nostrils and unable to alleviate your discomfort. Then, to add insult to injury, your parents come at you with a nasal aspirator. Which is a fancy way of saying we shoved a short plastic tube up your nose and created a vacuum whereby we could suck the snot right out of there. A process which you seemed to find rather distressing. You screamed. A lot. Understandable really. It must feel rather like we’re trying to pull your brain matter through your nasal cavities. It did help you breathe a little easier though.

Week 12-3

So all in all, it wasn’t a great week inside our house. It actually wasn’t a great week outside our house either. There were a few days that were tolerable but the pouring rain and the intense humidity of the remaining days kept us inside when sickness didn’t. Although I did chance the weather and take you out to my book club on Friday night. You seemed to be recovering so I packed you up in the car and headed out to the Bella Vista Hotel. Sorry about that. It wasn’t quite the family bistro that I was envisaging. After we got out of the strong wind outside we walked into a quasi nightclub sort of venue that was loud and busy and dark. I felt like I was a good 10 years too old to be there which made you about 20 years too young! We lasted about an hour and a half before it was definitely time to go.

Week 12-2

And I don’t have much more to add for this week. I’d say the last seven days were routine except that we still don’t actually have a routine. Well, other than I like to be in bed by 11pm of course, so I try and move you or feed you around that time. We just seemed to go about our business though and there weren’t (or I didn’t notice) any major milestones.

Week 12-4

We have however reached that point that is the end of the “fourth trimester”. That point where I am supposed to feel like I am back on an even keel and where you have theoretically gotten over the rude shock of birth and are really starting to become your own person. You are three months old as weeks go and just shy of your third calendar month. Apparently you will now be able to start regulating your own crying and learn to self-settle. You may also start to giggle and more actively communicate with us. I’m sure there are lots of things for us both to look forward to over the coming weeks.

Bis dann,



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