Week 11

Week 11 (4 of 4)

Dear Genevieve,

Firstly, can I just say that if all the currently breast feeding women of the world were to get together tomorrow, we could probably keep the wig manufacturers in business for the next ten years. I mean, I had heard that you tend to lose your hair when you breast feed but at the moment, the situation is ridiculous. I brush my mane before I wash it and manage to pull out what feels like tufts upon tufts of hair and then in the shower, it feels like the same again comes loose from my scalp. And thats apart from the hair that I generally malt wherever I go. It’s kinda gross. And I wonder sometimes that I still actually have hair left so much comes out.

Anyway, as for you this week, it was like someone flipped a switch. You were a different baby. Which may have been as much me as it was you in the end and thats because of Mother’s Group. I went on Monday for the first time and I can sort of see why your father likened it to an AA meeting with props. We all took turns talking about ourselves and how we were going…Hi, my name is Lexelah and its 10 weeks today since I was last pregnant (that’s not the way we said it but it may as well have been)…the last week was pretty good and I was on the happy train for most of it…I didn’t fall off the wagon and wish my little one was back in utero once…After spending the meeting with you being a complete rotter however, I was open to revising that.

Week 11 (2 of 4)

Normally you are great when we take you out. You might make us pay for it later but you are usually a really pleasant baby in public. Not so much on the Monday. You whinged and cried and I had to walk around with you to calm you down while the group chatted. At one point though, I did ask if anyone had suggestions as to how to make you not scream in the car. There wasn’t anything we haven’t already tried with you (we have tried a lot) but I did find it judgmental amusing when the health nurse was like how do you cope!?! You must have to stop the car constantly so you can settle your little one before you can continue on to your destination…

Um, no….We don’t stop the car for you around town. Ever. We let you scream. Does that make us bad parents? The community nurse did kind of look at me like I’d grown another head. A dumb one at that. The way I figure it though, you are fine in the car seat when it is out of the car so its not the seat that is the problem. And it’s illegal for you to be out of the seat when you are traveling in the car so we may as well make the discomfort of the actual journey last for as brief a time as possible. So we travel from point A to point B in one trip before you get a reprieve and we get you out. Which means just letting you scream. Sorry. Having said that you always scream in the car however, you then made a liar out of me.

Week 11 (3 of 4)

You actually slept in the car on the way home from Mother’s Group. You woke up shortly thereafter though and that afternoon, I think you were the unhappiest you have ever been. You were feeding almost every hour and when you weren’t feeding, you were crying. And not just the whining cry either. You were making these little high pitched squeals like you were in pain when we went to burp or move you. You didn’t want to stay still, you didn’t want to be quiet, you didn’t want to sleep and you didn’t want to feel as crappy as you obviously did.

We were concerned that you might be getting sick as you seemed to be a little congested. Sparky and I were therefore gearing up for what we thought was going to be the Worst Night Ever. We figured there was buckley’s to none that we would get any sleep so when we did get you down in your cradle sometime after ten pm, we were fully prepared for you to wake up in the next five minutes. It took you a little longer than that for you to decide that you were sufficiently rested however. You finally woke up about eight hours later!! Woo hoo!! Man, my breasts were full though…

The next couple of days however were an absolute dream in comparison. It was awesome. After discussing the tired signals at the Mother’s Group, I made a concerted effort to watch for and act on them quickly. You’d think that I might have tried doing this earlier but it’s like there was was a disconnect between what I could take in and what I could actually digest. There are only so many things I can think about and put into practice at a time. I know that when you are tired, you yawn and you can’t hold a continued gaze but it wasn’t until this week that I could use that as a prompt to actively try and get you to sleep.

And sleep you did. As a result of your cues and my assistance, you had some great day naps where you stayed down for several sleep cycles (even if you woke up between them). I managed to put you down when you were mostly asleep and have you fall asleep in the cradle and not my arms. On Friday night, you even had another record sleep. We got you down later than we’d hoped which we figured would suck for us because Sparky had to get up at 4:30am the next day. When his alarm went off, I definitely had not had enough sleep so I was thinking in my head “please don’t wake up please don’t wake up please don’t wake up” and you didn’t. By the time you woke up, you had slept for nine hours straight. I just wish I’d been able to enjoy more of it!

Week 11 (1 of 4)

And you continued on your brilliant streak when we took you up to Bepi’s new house at the beach on Sunday. It was a two hour drive up there and you slept almost the whole way. You were great all day but then you got very upset on the way back. We think however that this had less to do with another car trip and more to do with the fact that you definitely have your first head cold. By six pm you had a partially blocked nose and you were feeling a little sorry for yourself. Once again you were a trooper though and after you were home and fed and we had read you some stories, you actually went to sleep.

So it seems that this week was perhaps a turning point for us. Im trying to make things betteer for you and perhaps you are noticing that. I tell you what though, the sleep is great. Keep up with that fur sure but if you could also lay off kicking my stomach when I hold you, that would be tops. You have strong legs little girl!

Alles Liebe,



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