Week 10

Week 10 (4 of 4)

Dear Genevieve,

With age apparently comes breath support and developing capacity to make noise because baby, you are getting a set of lungs on you. You have lost that newborn cry that was quiet and cute in comparison to the unholy screeching at unparalleled decibels of which you are now capable. When you want to make your presence known, you can now achieve a shriek that reverberates within the skull in what I can only imagine is a similar pitch to a burglar alarm. You know, those alarms that are supposed to somewhat incapacitate the perpetrator because the criminal would much rather curl up on the floor holding their ears than hold anything they are planning to steal. And what’s more, you are LOUD.

Week 10 (3 of 4)

Your lungs aren’t the only thing you’ve been finding recently though. Over the past week, you have started to notice that you have hands. Sometimes when they appear in your line of vision you get that amazed look in your eyes when you’re like wait! I can see them and I can feel them! You don’t yet have the coordination to put them exactly where you want them although you do seem to be able to get them into your mouth more often than not. Just like you are able to hold your head up more often than not.

It’s been a gradual thing but your neck muscles are getting ever stronger and you are lifting your head up a lot more when we hold you. It wasn’t that long ago that we’d pick you up and put you over a shoulder and your little head would stay nestled into our collar. Now your head might also be up, turning this way and that as you look around at the world, checking out what there is to see. You are a lot more engaged now and for longer periods of time as well. Which is probably why you are happy to spend more time in the bouncer.

You still don’t like being left alone but when we get up in the morning, I can now sit you in the bouncer as I get breakfast for myself and Reuben and potter around the kitchen. I put the music on and you kick and wave your hands like you are dancing and I have two hands free to do whatever I need to do.

Week 10 (1 of 4)

Apart from that, the week was rather uneventful. There were some more really hot days so we spent most of the days inside either at home or two doors down with Neighbourette and the kids. Except for the day when I took you back to the pool. You seemed to be a little better this time around although you weren’t too happy when you were catching a few splashes. Once again though, you fell asleep on me when they turned on the wave pool. As with the previous pool day though, this was towards the end of visit so I’m beginning to think you were just tuckered out.

Week 10 (2 of 4)After you had finished all that crying.

Alles Liebe,



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