Rouse Hill Cafe

Red Sculpture (1 of 1)

Dear Rouse Hill Cafe,

I would just like to say that I am curious as to how you got those awards that were blu tac’d to your window. Ones that awarded you the status of “best cafe” or something of the like. I am curious as to how you won these because when both my husband and I were patrons at your establishment earlier today, it was one of the worst cafe experiences we have had….well, ever.

It is not totally uncommon for my husband and I to try a new cafe and for one of us to take an aversion whilst the other would be perfectly content to come again. It is rare however for both of us to be adamant that we will avoid a place in future. As we will be doing with your business.

And it wasn’t the service – as such – which was average. That was adequate and not noteworthy for being outstandingly brilliant or disgustingly poor. It wasn’t the general ambiance either. There weren’t any other customers there at the time (which we just put down to it being an odd time on a weekday although maybe we should have read something else into it?) but the decor was quite nice. What wasn’t nice was the fare.

I opted for a gluten free orange and poppyseed muffin. Not for health reasons but because it has been my experience that muffins made without flour are often moist, rich and dense. And that would have tickled my tastebuds at the time. What I got was a heated (and why on earth you would heat a muffin without asking the customer first, I don’t know) ball of…something that does not deserve to be in the same class as cake! It was tasteless and dry. So much so in fact that I needed to get a glass of water to wash it down. I made myself eat it because I had paid for it and I hate waste. My husband couldn’t say the same of his coffee.

Admittedly, my husband is a bit of a coffee snob. He likes a fine brew and will go out of his way to get a good coffee. Having said that, he will drink instant when it is offered to him by a host or suffer through an inferior drop in order to get that caffeine hit. He could not however bring himself to finish the coffee that was served to him this afternoon. He considered it a worse outcome to stomach the remainder of the beverage rather than get his money’s worth so to speak.

So like I said, I’m really not sure how you have managed to get those awards because our experience was totally unsatisfying. Maybe if you hired a cook and a barista it might improve although don’t ask us to come and try them out. Just in case.

Your regretful customer.


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