Week 9

Week 9 (3 of 4)

Dear Genevieve,

This week started with a public holiday. And I only tell you this for in our infinite wisdom as new and inexperienced parents, we decided to host a BBQ for around 25 people. Which might not have been so bad if it wasn’t for the fact that on Monday, it also poured down with rain helping to make it a really long day.

Due to the crappy weather, we relocated the event from a reserve to your day care centre. Which you are not yet attending of course but it is run by my aunt and uncle (so its in the family and quite convenient) and the expectation is that you will eventually go there. We were still mostly outside though so it was reasonably cool and there was a lot going on in a small space.

Week 9 (1 of 4)

The BBQ was actually attended by all five of your grandparents (plus one one of your great grandparents) and a number of our friends. You were therefore passed around like a football and every time I turned around, someone else was holding you. You behaved beautifully on the day which was awesome but you made us pay for it over the next couple of days when you behaved as Neighbourette would call it, like a complete and utter toad!

You whinged and whined and cried and fussed. You cat napped instead of sleeping and you squirmed, screeched and squalled. You didn’t want to be put down but you weren’t happy when we picked you up either. You frustrated and exhausted us and I had to keep reminding myself that you’re not like this all the time. You did actually sleep overnight though, albeit with a maximum of three hours between feeds which was your saving grace but an overtired you is not very much fun. Sometimes a wriggling you is not much fun either.

Week 9 (4 of 4)

You have started to figure out the art of avoiding the nappy. You bring your knees up to your chest and allow me to place the fresh nappy under your butt. You lull me into a false sense of security whereby I just have to gently guide your legs down so I can fasten the tabs when wham!, you punch your feet onto the mat and twist your little body vaulting it off to the side. As I try to move you back to centre, you stretch out your legs, heels down and shoot your body up several inches on the mat. We continue this dance as I pull your body back down before you arch your back and throw your head behind you as you practically roll over. Then we try the whole thing again. And I might think this was funny if it wasn’t for the fact that I know you are just going to get better the more practice you get…

And speaking of practice, or rather acclimatisation, this week you also had your first trip to the pool. Since admission was free on Friday, I decided to see if you would enjoy taking a dip. I think the answer was sort of. I know that you are fine when you are in a hot bath with me but it seems you weren’t quite sure about the cooler water. You seemed to put up with it though until you decided that enough was enough and had a mini meltdown. We then got out for a while but I took you back into the water when they turned the wave pool on at which point you were either completely comfortable or completely exhausted because you fell asleep!

Week 9 (2 of 4)

So this week I had a difficult baby, a dripping baby and a drooling baby. Seriously. You like to blow spit bubbles at us now and drool all over things for good measure. I’ll take the drooling over the difficult any day however. But even in the midst of difficult times, sometimes you do the funniest things. I was changing you the other day, just after you were waking up from a nap. You were all sleepy and were just starting to stretch out when you let out an almighty fart. You completely startled yourself and all of a sudden the eyes were wide open and all the limbs went out in your imitation of a starfish. It was actually very funny.

Alles Liebe,



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