Stroller King

Introducing Baby To Pets

Dear Husband,

Between us and Neighbourette at least, it is acknowledged that she is the Stroller Queen. She has owned a number of them and probably tried out even more. Like Goldilocks, she just had to get the right fit. But it came to me the other day that if she is the Stroller Queen then you are most definitely the Stroller King.

We always knew that you were going to be far more fascinated than I with all the accessories associated with babies. You have spent literally hours trawling through websites looking for what you want and what is available (which are not always the same thing). But when you come across free stuff, it seems you can’t resist.

Before I’d even started thinking about walking and sleeping arrangements, you announced that we had to pick something up on the way home. We were actually picking up a cot at the time but when I happened to look in the back of the car, you already had two strollers in there. One was even from the side of the road and you seemed quite pleased about that.

Then some weeks later we picked up a second cot and somehow you managed to talk yourself into another free stroller with all the bells and whistles. A little while after this, we got some family hand-me-downs and, you guessed it, a free stroller. Which got added to the growing pile because apparently each successive stroller is somehow more or better than the last. This was also about the time however that I was getting sick and tired of all the…stuff…we had accumulated and made you get rid of what we didn’t need (which included a couple of strollers).

And our stroller situation wouldn’t have been so noteworthy if it wasn’t for the fact that this week, you told me we had to drive to the other side of Sydney to pick up yet another free stroller. The fifth free stroller. If we hadn’t already gotten rid of two, I’d say you were pitching to have one for each day of the week! Which by the way, is overkill.

So a new rule. No more stroller acquisitions without consultation, with the exception of a bonafide jogging stroller (I’m all for something that will make you get out of the house).

Respectfully yours,

Your Loving Wife

Ps. Since writing this, it turned out that we couldn’t pick up the stroller in time and it was given to someone else. I still say though that we don’t really need another stroller at the moment.

* I would credit the image (whice I stole) if I had the faintest idea of who owned it.


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