I Am Sorry


Dear Reuben,

I am kinda sorry that I put you in the car when I went to pick up Sparky. I know you like to be included and we love to have you with us but if you had not been in the car, the incident would not have happened.

I am quite sorry that i didn’t take the pram base out of the car and bring it into the house. I knew that I would not need it “out” before I was likely to need it “in” but I was lazy. I figured I could always bring it in later.

I am very sorry that when I turned the car around the corner, the pram base that I hadn’t brought inside tipped over onto you who I hadn’t put outside. It (understandably) freaked you out.

I am extremely sorry that when you were freaked out, you jumped up in haste to get away from the falling contraption…because in said haste, you threw your weight into the side of the car and punched out the rear window!

A rear window that cost three hundred dollars to replace, a multitude of phone calls on Sparky’s behalf to arrange and some manual labour (again by Sparky) to clear the debris off the road.

So I just wanted you to know that I was sorry.

Apologetically yours,

That lady you let live in your house

* Photo by David and Claire Oliver


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