Week 7

Week 7 (2 of 4)

Dear Genevieve,

We cut your nails for the first time this week. Because man, were they sharp! It was a job that took longer than we thought and one that involved you, your dad and I. It was a joint effort. Your nails are very thin and easy to cut, but then I imagine so are your fingers if they get in the wrong place and nobody wanted that. But now they are short again so you can’t gauge holes in my chest whilst you are feeding. Or, you know, scratch your eyes out when you’re tired. That would not be a good thing either.

So this week you had your first immunisation. This involved an oral portion and two injections, one in each leg. I think the nurses were more concerned at how I would handle you being immunised than they were about you though so they offered to do one leg each at the same time. That way, I only had to see you cry once. And you did cry. In fact, you screamed. I imagine the needles were a very rude shock which you certainly let me know about for the next ten minutes. Loudly. You were quite vocal about it. Actually, you were quite vocal this week in general. Although for the rest of the week, I think you were talking to us.

Week 7 (4 of 4)

You are starting to use your voice a lot more. Just to hear yourself I think. I know you’re a ways off speech yet but when you’re both calm and alert and experimenting with sounds, I swear it sounds like you say hello occasionally. Just like I would say “hel-lo” with a mouth full of food. It’s very cute. So every time you do it, we say hello back to you to see if you’ll do it again. If we keep going like this, it’ll be your first word. Not “mum” or ” dad”, but “hello”. Either that or “Reuben!” because you hear us yell that at the dog a lot too.

Also this week, I have been discovering the benefits of close captioning on the tv. Ostensibly, this is there as an aid for the hard or hearing (or those who can’t hear at all) but it is also really useful if I want to have the sound turned right down when I am trying to get your to sleep. Or when I’m trying to watch something and you are in the middle of a meltdown. Never let it be said that I let my daughter get in the way of quality tv watching. Seriously though, you are more important than the tv of course but I’d have a hell of a crick in the neck if I gazed at you in my arms all the time so it does give me something else to occupy myself.

Week 7 (1 of 4)

But sometimes we do just like to look at you when you sleep. Because you do it with such abandon at times. SIDS guidelines say that you should always sleep on your back but I honestly don’t think we could keep you there. You like to bring your knees up slightly and throw your head right back at an odd angle so more often than not, you end up on your side. You have also been less inclined to fall asleep on your father’s chest recently but seem quite content nestled up under his armpit in our bed. You were happy cuddling up to me on my chest after your immunisation though. That was a nice side effect. The diahhorea, not so much. There were a couple of poosplosion/leakage issues which equalled a lot more washing this week. We got you a new swaddle though so now we have three to rotate which makes life easier.

I think I will need to buy you more of the new saddles though cause you seem to really like it. They make it easier to get you to sleep and the new one is easier for you to feed in at night. And it’s no hardship to buy you things. Especially when we have money. Your dad and I went shopping the other day and he kept on picking up clothes and toys for you! I managed to hold him off most things. Anything we buy now is kind of more for us than for you because you’re not old enough to want things other than the boob at the moment. We did buy you some clothes though. And a blanket.

Week 7 (3 of 4)

So my little fluffy duck with the soft fuzzy hair, we have lasted another week together. And this was supposed to be a better week. Everyone tells me about the magic three month mark which is arrived at after going somewhat downhill for six weeks and then uphill for another six. Since we’re now in the second half of your fourth trimester as it were, I’m hoping for good times ahead.

Alles Liebe,



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