Week 5

Week 5 (1 of 5)Dear Genevieve,

Whilst we still don’t really have anything resembling a routine or even a habit, I now notice some changes and developments because I have something with which to compare them. For instance, you now sem to feed for longer than you did previously. You can still feed for just 5 minutes and then you will be done for at least 3 hours but sometimes you seem happy to feed for longer. I’m not sure whether that means you’re hungrier or that the flow is not all there for you but there are times when you don’t just guzzle it down.

Week 5 (5 of 5)

And after you feed, you are starting to stay awake a little longer. The “good” awake though where you are alert and looking around and trying to get a grip on the world. Not the screaming awake because you’re uncomfortable or over tired or some other reason that I have yet to understand. People say that a mother knows her own baby’s cry and what all the different cries mean. As I’ve told you before though, I’m not supermum.Most of the time, I still have no idea. I’ve not had the opportunity to test whether I’d know your cry over others’ but I am continually baffled as to what is wrong when you’re upset. I think I have the pain cry down though. The elevated pitch which means you’re extremely distressed and hurting. As for all the others, well Sparky and I just keep trying possible solutions till something works.

Of course, when something works once, there is no guarantee that it will work again. You used to scream in the car. All the time. And the first time we took you out in the stroller, you screamed then too. This week, we have had a couple of quiet car and stroller moments though and we’re not quite sure why. We’re more than happy to take them however. We have a feeling that you don’t like to be reclined in a bucket position (as opposed to flat on your back), at least when you have wind and this is why you get upset. Then again, you can be fine one moment and utterly distraught the next so maybe thats not it?

Week 5 (4 of 5)Other things I have noticed are that you make a lot of noises in your sleep. You grunt and wriggle around sometimes, probably because you’re trying to push something out one end or the other. As you grow and develop, you are getting a lot more strength and ability to do what you want. Your leg muscles are certainly strong. The ones inyour neck too. You don’t have real control there yet of course, but you can certainly pick up your head and bob it about when you want. I can’t wait though until you have more control over your face muscles and you can smile properly. It will improve the photos dramatically. I swear, the expression that I get the most of is the grumpy old man face! I catch fleeting expressions of awareness or tranquility at times but the rest of the photos taken whilst you are awake, you hardly seem impressed that there is a camera in your face. You’l have to get used to it though kid. Its kind of a prerequisite of being in his family!

Week 5 (3 of 5)For a new thing this week though (in addition to the fact that you were babysat for the first time – by one of your grandmothers – so Sparky and I could go out), we have discovered that you quite like the shower. Since you didn’t seem to like the bath at all, we thought we’d try to take you into the shower with us. Its a bit of a long process as you’re slipper as buggery when you are soaped up and either Sparky or I will also be sopping wet at the same time as needing to see to you getting dry and dressed but at least you seem a little happier with this arrangement. And when we can manage to do it whilst both Sparky and I are at home it means that one can get you ready and dressed etc. and the other can actually be the one in the shower with you.

So there have been a few new things, a few different things and others that have stayed the same this week. You are still startled by sharp sounds such as cutlery dropping in the sink or the coffee machine clicking. The tv blaring, the dog barking up a storm and people talking don’t phase you at all but those other sounds make you jolt and blink. I much prefer it that way however. Especially as we can’t control when the dog barks. Truth be told, we can’t actually control the dog (I think he believes we merely make suggestions) because we haven’t been totally consistent with him since we brought him home. Maybe he’ll listen to you though when you can talk?!?

Alles Liebe,



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