Week 4

week3-4 (3 of 6)

Dear Genevieve,

If you keep going the way you have been then you will soon turn into my little ginger ninja. When you were born you had a little mop of dark hair. It looked as though you were going to be closer to my colouring than your dad’s however over the past couple of weeks, your hair has been getting fairer and fairer and in certain light, has a decidedly red tinge to it. I doubt you’ll ever be a flaming redhead, at least naturally, but we’re kind of hoping for a deep auburn. Although whatever colour hair you end up having will be beautiful of course.

week3-4 (5 of 6)
So you’ve been a lot more awake this week, sometimes when we’d prefer you weren’t. You don’t just eat, sleep and poop anymore. You might also spend a good hour or more grizzling at us. You do also have your short windows of gazing around or staring at us but you’re still working out the whole muscle and eye control thing which leaves you frustrated after a while. Or maybe you just have wind.

Apparently I had a lot of wind as a baby too. We do burp you but you will still be expelling gas out one end or the other hours after you’ve been fed. And they’re not little bits of gas either. We think your stomach is probably quite uncomfortable a lot of the time and that’s why it can be hard to settle you. But then again, it could just be week 4. Thankfully, you usually went back down after the late night feeds. Getting you down before that was often tricky -you’re still rubbish in the evenings – but once you’re out for the count, you seem to like to sleep.

You also still like to be held which is great because this week, there was ample opportunity. This week there was Christmas and all five of your grandparents and three of your great grandparents wanted to see you. As did your aunts and some extended family. You got spoilt rotten with seemingly more presents than anyone else and the only time you got put down was when we put you to sleep at night. You did really well with all the attention so thanks for that little girl.

week3-4 (4 of 6)
You and I also had a taste of what it might be like when your dad goes back to work full time as he did a couple of cafe shifts over the weekend. There were a few moments when you were decidedly unhappy, like when I gave you a bath and you screamed the place down, but we managed ok. Of course, I may have to get you used to not sleeping on people for all of your day sleeps or I’ll never get any housework done but I’m sure we’ll work it out.

Alles Liebe,



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