Week 3

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Dear Genevieve,

Gosh you’re a noisy eater. Do you know that? You practically gulp the milk down along with more air than you need, I’m sure. I’m actually surprised that the sound doesn’t wake your dad up at night but apparently, there are a number of sounds he is able to tune out. Me on the other hand, not so much. It didn’t happen immediately because I remember one night in hospital where I woke to an unfamiliar noise and it took me a couple of seconds to realize “oh crap, that’s my baby and I have to get up and feed now”! It has struck me in the last week or so however that I can now sleep through the garbage truck emptying the bins outside my open bedroom window or through an SMS alert on my phone that sits right beside the bed but as soon as you start to grizzle a bit (you don’t even have to cry), I’m ready to get up to feed you if necessary.

And the feeding seems to be going ok. You don’t always feed for very long though. Sometimes I get about 5 minutes from you on one side and then you are more interested in sleep than you are in me but you’re peeing and putting on weight so it seems that you are fine. When we took you to the drop in clinic at the hospital last week, the nurse said I should be taking every opportunity to feed you because at two days shy of the two week mark, you were still 100 grams below your birth weight. When the community nurse came for the home visit this week however (three days after the clinic visit), you had put on 200 grams which is more than half of what is expected in a full week from what I gather. So I guess you’re ok.

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You still hate the car and the bath and this week, we get to add the pram to that list as well. We took you for a walk past your dad’s work and on the way there were curbs and broken footpaths and you weren’t having a bar of it. When we started out on the smooth, flat asphalt, you seemed ok but after we had jostled and jolted you a bit, you were not happy. Thank God you seem to like the Baby Bjorn though or we’d have trouble taking you anywhere.

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I’m sure that in comparison to some other babies, you actually don’t cry that much but I must admit, we don’t really like to hear it for too long. As a consequence, we hold you a lot. Sparky will often hold you to the point of being busting to go to the loo and both of us have had you sleep on us in bed for a couple of hours between feeds because it seems easier than settling you in the bassinet. Your dad complained that he didn’t sleep very well as a result but then he did it again voluntarily and he has also picked you up whilst you were sleeping this week because he felt like having a daddy cuddle. And the couch.

week3 (1 of 3)
It has turned into an unspoken rule that whoever has you is entitled to sit or lie on the couch whilst the other one has to take one of the single seats. Unfortunately, my campaign to get new couches whilst i was pregnant that would enable both of us to lie down at the same time failed so we still have the 3 seater and the single seats. Plus the addition single seat and your port-a-cot. So given that the puppy is ginormous and already takes up a lot of floor space, our living room is getting a little crowded. You’re definitely worth it though.

Alles Liebe,



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