Parenting Fails

Helping Baby Teethe

Dear Genevieve,

Every parent has them. Those moments that you think wow, I really shouldn’t have done that or I should have definitely thought about that one before. It doesn’t mean that we don’t love you or that we don’t try our best to protect you and care for you but we’re all still learning here. And we’re tired. Which is not an excuse but sometimes…

You forget to tighten the strap on the capsule in the car. You are always actually in the capsule when we drive anywhere. You are also always clicked into the capsule with the seatbelt. The capsule itself is clipped into the base which was professionally fitted into the car. But just maybe, we may have forgotten to tighten the strap that also secures the capsule to the seat…

You forget stuff like sunscreen and hats. We took you out the other day in 25+ degree weather when the sun was out because we wanted to go for a walk. When we arrived at the reserve however, we changed you into a short sleeved and legless onesie and stuck you in the carrier. It then occurred to us that we probably should have had some kind of sun protection for you. We compromised by throwing a light muslin wrap over you so you weren’t exposed. Sorry…

You drop things on your baby. Apparently I sat on my sister when she came home from the hospital and she’s fine and my mum let me roll off the bed and i survived so I think you’re ok. I did however lean over with the capsule (into which you were strapped at the time) hanging from my hand and my handbag on my shoulder. And as I leant over, the handbag slid down my shoulder and arm and maybe slightly onto your head. At least I had already taken all the heavy stuff out of it. And your dad totally didn’t mean to drop his mobile on you whilst you were sleeping on his chest. It just slipped. It wasn’t far though.

So our apologies if you think you ended up with dodgy parents. I maintain that if this is the worst of it then we’re really not doing that badly but we’ll try to do better. We promise.

Bis dann,


* I would credit the image if I had the faintest idea of who owned it.


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