Week 2

week2 (1 of 5)

Dear Genevieve,

You are two weeks old today. You have now been at home longer than you were at the hospital but we are not really any closer to getting a routine happening. That’s ok though. One step at a time. This week, I think we got the feeding happening. Yours, not mine. Since coming home, I haven’t had balanced meals prepared for me on schedule by a professional kitchen. Since a combination of too tired and too busy have stopped us preparing the meals I think I needed, I have found myself feeling a little the worse for wear at the end of the day. Breast milk is always prepared at the optimum quality. I get what is left over.

Speaking of milk however, when we left the hospital, they gave me a tin of formula and showed me how to make it up so that I could supplement your feeds if needed. I think that in hospital, I was a little anxious that I would need to rely on it but I went to a breast feeding talk just after I discharged us and it made me a little more comfortable that we could probably manage without the formula – which we did. My milk came in properly and it seems you finally had reward for effort. Thankfully though, you have not been one of those babies this week that needs to feed every hour and a half. I never can quite remember when I actually do feed you though (sorry, I’m not super mum) so I have taken to writing an ongoing memo in my phone.

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I also keep track of the wet and dirty nappies because I knew I’d be asked at some point. Like when I took you back to the hospital for a check up two days shy of the two week point. They wanted to check on you because we’d had trouble establishing feeding at the hospital. You were almost back to your birth weight though. And since this, in conjunction with enough wet nappies, is apparently the indicator of a healthy baby, you are apparently doing just fine. As am I.

A number of people have commented this week that I (and Sparky too for that matter) seem to be remarkably well adjusted for the parents of a newborn. We only look tired occasionally as opposed to flat out exhausted constantly and we have been entertaining at home as well as getting out and about with you. It probably also helps that when people see you, you are quiet and or sleeping. And you don’t get upset when people other than Sparky or I hold you which suits your grandparents just fine because they are all clearly besotted with you (and reluctant to give you back!). The only times you really crack it are when you’re hungry, when we put you in the bath or when we put you in the car.

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Unlike many babies that I know of, you really hate the car. Or rather, you hate driving. A moving car does not settle you in the slightest which on the upside means we’re not going through a lot of petrol just to get you to sleep. On the downside however, its summer, so we pretty much need to keep the air con on whenever you are in the car. Even when I am trying to breast feed you in a parking lot. This doesn’t mean that we don’t take you out though. I figure that crying doesn’t really hurt you and you’re not loud enough or shrill enough yet to be really annoying. I’m sure you have figured out by now that I am going to be the hard arse parent and Sparky is going to be the softer touch. Every time we go somewhere you practically break his heart…

If you are asleep when we put you in the car then you occasionally stay that way (so clearly there is nothing catastrophic happening during the car rides) but more often than not, you work yourself up into a red faced, sweaty, screaming baby, almost hoarse from crying so hard. Sometimes you cry so hard you start to bleat. Terrible parent that I am, sometimes you even make me laugh. You won’t suck on a dummy or a finger for comfort though and you are practically inconsolable. No amount of singing, talking, wrapping or touching will calm you down. That is until we get you out of the car seat and hold you for a minute or two. Then you’re fine. I’m hoping you get over this sooner rather than later otherwise road trips may be somewhat uncomfortable. I know your dad has his heart set on the wine trip next year.

week2 (3 of 5)
And speaking of your dad, this week he has been making up for all the missed daddy cuddles of last week. Which is great because you love being held. Especially during the evening. I heard in the hospital that babies are often great from 5 to 12 in the morning and at their worst from 12 to 5 at night. I think you missed that memo however because you are usually rubbish between about 6 and 11 at night. You won’t settle easily. You won’t feed well and you tend to only sleep on your dad’s chest. Which is why I occasionally use this time to nap so I can cope with the late night feeds. Thankfully there have only been about two of these per night this last week so I have been able to get some sleep as well.

Now I guess we will wait and see what next week has in store.

Alles Liebe,



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