I Dream Of Boobies

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Dear Genevieve,

Just in case you wanted to know, the whole getting my milk in thing has been an experience. Firstly, because I got hot boobs. That was literally, not figuratively. I didn’t feel hot in my person but to the touch, my boobs were on fire. Sparky thought they were hot too. Although I’m pretty sure he thought that figuratively as well as literally cause they also got bigger! And I got all these blue veins coming out on my chest. It looked kinda odd.

Secondly, just after my milk came in, I started having weird dreams. Ok, so the dreams might have been unrelated to the milk coming in but they started at the same time so it seemed a fair assumption. The dreams weren’t exactly happy ones either and usually had disasters in them, like collapsing buildings. I was always in the disaster but I was never really hurt and I didn’t die. Which was fortunate really. Maybe I was subconsciously worrying about things now that we have you home and that’s why the dreams started or maybe it was my hormones going haywire. Who knows?

I know that after my milk came in, I also dreamed about feeding. On more than one occasion, I dreamed that I was breast feeding you. I could feel the pulling sensation and I was convinced that I had you on my chest. When I would wake up though, I’d pat both my boobs trying to figure out where on earth you were only to fully wake up and realise that you were still sound asleep in the bassinet. I had never even picked you up. And no one was touching my boobs but me!

And I tend to do that a lot now. I don’t always remember what side I last fed you on because I occasionally forget to note it down on the running mobile memo so I sometimes pat myself down to figure out which side seems more full. Of course, sometimes that is just bleedingly obvious. When you have a big feed on one side only and then sleep for ages, I become decidedly lopsided by the time it comes to feed you again. I may also be in notable discomfort. I must admit, I have expressed some milk out on more than one occasion just to even things up!

Bis dann,



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