Boris and Natasha


Dear Genevieve,


One might assume that the only decision regarding names and a new baby is what one should actually call that new baby. This assumption however does not take into account new grandparents, at least in our case. Because once you have a Grandmother, you potentially have an Oma, a Grandma, a Nanna or one of a multitude of other names. There are websites dedicated to this. And the same can be said for the Grandfather names.


So just to let you know, your Aunt Squishy and I decided a while ago that we just couldn’t see our mother as any of the more traditional Grandmother names. We therefore decided that she should be known by her brother’s nickname for her when she was young. A name that no one else uses today and is not even used by her brother any more. He used to call her Gigi though (said gig-e, not that French sounding girls name pronunciation) because he couldn’t get his mouth around her real name. Squish and I thought this would suit nicely. Then there was the question of what to call our father so I asked him.


I thought it was only polite to ask my Dad what he would prefer to be known to you as but my father can be a somewhat difficult man at times. All he would say…repeatedly…was “I don’t care, I’ll let her decide what she wants to call me”. So you see, you have ultimate permission to call him whatever you want! I did try to stress however that you would most likely call him whatever your father and I refer to him as when we speak to you. I figure if we told you we were going to Gigi and Grampys’ house then you would end up calling him “Grampy”. He was adamant that he didn’t care however and so just to be a smart arse, I suggested “Boris”.


Then of course, the conversation got a little ridiculous. Dad said he didn’t care again and that Boris was fine if that’s what you wanted. My Mum seemed to understand though that it would probably stick if both Sparky and I called him Boris so she then asked if she could be Natasha instead. Now I don’t know if there will ever be repeats of Rocky and Bullwinkle on tv in your lifetime but if you’re ever interested, you should look it up. The whole Boris and Natasha thing will then make a little more sense…even if it is a little weird.


So Sparky really didn’t like the whole Boris and Natasha idea which meant we were kind of stuck on a name for a while because he also nixed my other suggestion. I had previously said to him that we could call one of your grandfathers Papa Ray and another one Papa Tony. That way, one could sound like an R&B/rap artist and one could sound like a mob boss. Sparky said he would probably have a hard time not sniggering whenever we referred to either of them though so it was a bad idea.


I still don’t know what we are going to call all of your grandparents but i thought I’d let you know that I did come across a name which I thought would be great for my father, even if it is somewhat tongue in cheek. Since he doesn’t care what name you use, I think I’m going to try and stick “Grumps”.

Bis dann,



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