Dear Genevieve,

I have hear a number of people say that when they first get home with a new baby, they are like “what do we do now”? We did have that problem with you. Basically because during the car ride between the hospital and home, you did a big enough poo that it leaked out the side of your nappy and got onto your clothes. All the time in hospital, you had been wearing singlets, nappies and the any hospital gowns. You had never gotten poop on the gowns though, or on the blankets wrapped around you but the first time we put you in actual clothes, you get them dirty in under an hour. So when we first got home with you, we had to change you.

That wasn’t the only homecoming surprise we got from you that day however. Because the last nappy we changed on you that day was also a bit of a surprise for us. Well actually, the nappy itself wasn’t that much of a surprise. It was wet and a little bit dirty which was par for the course but after that nappy had come off and before the next one had gone on, you demonstrated your ability for projectile poop. That liquid goo came spraying straight out of your butt like repellent from an aerosol and flew straight at me. Now it’s probably fortunate that my clothes (which I can put in the wash) got the brunt of your largess rather than the rug (which I can’t put in the wash), but it still wasn’t an overly pleasant experience. If you could please try not to do it again when I am changing you, that would be great. But maybe try and catch your dad sometime when he changes you because he was present for the first time and he just laughed at me.

Alles Liebe,



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