Week 41

Belly 41 Weeks

Dear Button,

Well now we’re at 41 weeks. And apparently you’re quite happy and showing no signs of wanting to come out whatsoever. So far this week, I have been to the OB on both Monday and Friday during which I was told that everything was still quite firm so I would need to come into the hospital on Sunday night to get the gel and tape inserted – which is where I am now.

I also came to the hospital yesterday to have a CGT scan during which the midwife told me you seemed perfectly happy and now, a day later, I’m admitted and double tagged and I have had another tracing scan which pretty much tells us you are still perfectly happy. Thing is though, the OB has decided that it is nearly time for you to come out.

So today may be my last full day of being pregnant. The last day that Sparky and I were just the two of us, without children. I have had a weird feeling through most of the day like I should be doing something but I didn’t know what. So I spent the day watching TV, washing up and getting some washing out on the line so Sparky would have underwear whilst I was in hospital. I put more music on my phone, did some stuff for work and packed my bag for the hospital. There’s nothing like leaving things till the last minute.

I managed to lose it a little on the way to the hospital and couldn’t quite keep the tears at bay. To be honest, I am a little scared about what is to come but now that I’m in hospital and settled in, I’m ok. Right at this moment I feel like I will be able to take things as they come. Of course, when my water actually breaks (or is broken) all bets may be off but I guess I’ll have to cross that bridge when I come to is, as I must.

Apart from that, the week hasn’t really held anything new. Well apart from the fact that I thought it was fun to answer the “so when are you due?” question with “oh, last week!”. But in general, the massive itchiness of the belly and the legs seemed to wane somewhat which was great. There also may have been slightly more gas this week even though my diet hadn’t changed. Oh well, I got a bit of my own back on the dog! Then there was a bit of a heatwave that wasn’t so great at all. A couple of people suggested that those few days would have been perfect ones to be in the completely temperature controlled hospital but you obviously had other ideas. All in all though, the week seemed to go quickly and here we are.

I guess I’ll be meeting you shortly.

Alles Liebe,



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