Month Forty

reflection (1 of 1)

Dear Husband,

Well I had hoped that there might be “news” this month and I could write about the next stage in our family but it seems that this was not to be the case. Button was quite happy not to put in an appearance by the due date and appears ready to stay there until the induction date! But that has at least given us this whole month to finish getting prepared for our new arrival.

You have done a great job with painting the nursery and the wardrobe. Even if it totally frustrated you. I know that you don’t find painting at all relaxing and even find it stressful if all the cursing was anything to go by. And the painted garage floor. And the amount of turps you went through. You also seemed to be concerned that you’re not doing it right as you have asked both the neighbor and I to look over the projects to help pronounce them “done”. Which seemed a little odd to us as we really weren’t sure what we could possibly tell you that you wouldn’t have been able to see for yourself but there you go.

So you had a busy month. You were painting and working at the cafe as well as your day job. Which probably made it seem like I was doing not a lot in comparison. I was actually working for part of this month. Officially at the beginning of it but then I was also doing some stuff from home after I was on maternity leave. During the second half of the month however, I rested. I didn’t manage much more in my days than revisiting The West Wing series and snoozing. I don’t think i could have managed much more though. I needed the rest because everything caught up with me and i was knackered. The OB had been concerned that I was going to tire myself out right to the end but I finally took the time for me which I think was hard for you to understand at the time.

Before the final couple of weeks, I think I was trying to please other people as well as myself. I know on my last day of work, I was quite tired but I wanted to just tie up all the loose ends and be satisfied that nothing was missed. This was the day however that you had agreed we would go out for dinner with someone and so I ended up leaving before I was ready. This put me in a crappy mood which I probably took out on you a little so sorry about that. I should have just said I can’t come to dinner. I should have also made sure you understood earlier that I was frustrated by the slow progress on the nursery. I did tell you but I don’t think you really understood so it was the cause of some tension.

At various points this month, we were both a little snippy with each other. I was both frustrated and tired for a lot of this month but so were you. You weren’t working quite as many shifts at the cafe on top of your day job but you were still busy finishing up projects at home and didn’t really have much down time. You also seemed to be constantly sick to some degree which didn’t make you feel any better either. You didn’t want to take any time off though cause that would eat into the leave you planned to take with the baby. Which is also why you kept saying you want the baby to come soon. This last week you have suggested I try several things to get Button to come sooner rather than later but perhaps unfortunately for you, I am not in a hurry. I was quite content to wait and let nature take its course which looks as though it will be kick started only by the induction the OB recommended we book. So till next month…

Patiently Yours,

Your Loving Wife

* Photo taken at this years Sculptures By The Sea


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