Week Thirty-Nine

Dear Button,

We’re almost getting to countdown point now. People have asked if I am “over it” yet or have been telling me that this point will be coming soon but I have to say that I haven’t reached it yet. Sure, its not great that I can no longer sleep straight though the night. I wake often to roll over which is a lot more effort than it sounds. I am also not quite as relaxed as I used to be – or maybe that was more relaxed…?

The crazy pregnancy hormone phenomenon means I have more relaxin flowing through my body to help make it looser for your arrival but it is this that I think is making me a little more uncomfortable at times because theres not quite as much support for working muscles as there used to be. Or I could be completely talking out my backside but what I do know is that sometimes when I finally go to lie down in bed, its not ahh…rest for my weary bones, its more argh…I still need to find just the right position because this first one is like REALLY uncomfortable!

So there are a few more aches this week and a couple of times, I have stretched before getting into bed. It probably would have been a good idea for me to be doing some sort of yoga for the past couple of months but, you know, lazy. And still tired. Although I’ve been logging into my work emails and doing some small bits and pieces throughout the week, I have been on maternity leave and the days just fly by. I was a little curious as to whether I’d be bored on my own but I’m really not. I nap now and then and I don’t feel up to much more than pottering round the house and watching dvd’s. I haven’t been all that successful at banking sleep but at least I seem to be banking a little rest.

You are:

  • 4/5ths down according to my OB and although its anyone’s guess, I think you’re still happy cooking in there
  • Making my once clear amniotic fluid pale and milky as you shed the greasy, white vernix caseosa that has been protecting your skin

I am:

  • Tired
  • Occasionally weary or achy
  • A bit disappointed that I don’t enjoy a hot shower like I used to

This may sound a little strange but one thing that I kind of miss are really hot showers. For weeks and weeks I have been trying to get rid of a skin irritation on my legs and whilst the doctors at the medical centre seem to think that yet another cream is going to fix it, Gil the midwife suggested this week that if I still have the irritation, any treatment is probably going to be palliative at best until you are born. So I have been suffering through itchy legs as well as an itchy belly and steaming hot water doesn’t seem to be that good for either of them. For some reason I thought I might enjoy the sensation of running water over my belly but I really don’t. So in general, I no longer have long hot showers. Unless I’m washing my hair which still takes ages.

My Pregnancy Misconception: So I haven’t had one of these for a while and in fact this one is linked to another one I had before. I originally thought the happy hormones that stopped you shedding your hair like an animal would kick in as soon as you were pregnant. Which they don’t. I then thought that once they kicked in that they would hang around doing their thing until you had the baby. They don’t. I am apparently back to being able to provide a head of hair for a barbie doll every week as I leave a trail of long dark strands behind me. Bummer.

Alles Liebe,



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