Week Thirty-Eight

Dear Button,

How are you doing in there? Still cooking along nicely? Well, I’ll tell you what, this week really hit me like a ton of bricks and I have started to feel really far along. Up until now I had been quite happy at work. Making the hour commute in early, working through lunch as I tried to make sure I was passing on everything I needed to and then coming home occasionally a little late. And during this week, Monday was very much the same I guess but then for the rest of the week, I was kind of stuffed.

The Tuesday was actually my last day of work because it was Melbourne Cup day and my whole team at work was celebrating together. So the day as far as work went, was actually pretty much of a write off but in a way, what should have been more relaxing turned out to be more work. At least for a pregnant lady. The venue was loud and crowded and hot. The music was blaring and I felt like a grandmother before I’d even become a mother cause I just wanted to say can you turn the damned music down! It also didn’t help that you had to ask for water and juice constantly. They were apparently happy to bring heaps of booze around but weren’t prepared to leave jugs of the softer stuff on the table. Then there was the food.

I couldn’t eat the entrees. Which didn’t really phase me. Pate, oysters and scallops are not really on the allowed list. Well, the seared scallops might have been ok but I was a bit dubious of how hot they would be by the time they got to me so I didn’t risk it. One waitress offered to find out if they could do some vegetables but then I never heard from her again so I guess not. Anyway, there was bread but when I asked for more olive oil which had run out, I never heard from that waiter again either so dry bread was all I had until after 3pm when the mains came out. Which I think was kind of pathetic. And whilst I could eat the main, I couldn’t have the salad so I was still kind of hungry.

I stuck around to be with the team and I guess about an hour later, they decided to bring dessert. After at least a third of the table had left to go home or back to the office. So that left a number of desserts lying around with no one to eat them and I could have really gone to town and made up for all the food I didn’t have earlier but after I’d eaten one, I couldn’t really stomach another so I left as well and went back to the office. And I guess it was a mark of how tired I was that I wasn’t really firing on all cylinders when I went back and everything was taking me twice as long.

To jump back a day, I had actually gone to see the OB on the Monday and he seemed concerned that I was still at work. He wanted to make sure that I understood I needed more rest and should be making time to basically do nothing. I wasn’t to race around for work then go on maternity leave and race around at home finishing the nursery and anything else that I felt needed doing. I need to make sure I have enough energy left by the time the labour comes around. I do get that although I can’t exactly say that I spent my first day of maternity leave chilling out (I spent almost the whole day cleaning). At least I realised ¾ of the way through the day that I was dog tired and I needed a Nanna nap though.

I was also very aware for the rest of the week that I just wasn’t up to a lot and therefore dialled it back. Of course, the puppy doesn’t always make it easy to sleep and Sparky doing late shifts at the cafe doesn’t make it easy to go to bed early either but at least I’m not physically very active any more. Now I’m trying to take it easy and wait until you’re ready to show up. Or the OB decides that you really should come early. Either way, its not really my decision. And I did have a little pause moment this morning.

I’m fairy used to you moving about throughout the day. Sometimes its little bumps, sometimes its hiccups and sometimes you really stretch and its kind of uncomfortable but I pretty much always feel you first thing in the morning and last thing at night. This morning though you were really quiet. I started moving about and I didn’t feel anything. I poked around my tummy for a bit and I didn’t really feel anything. So I got up, had breakfast and a shower and just when I was starting to wonder at what point do you call the hospital when you’re full term and you don’t think you can feel anything that I felt you move. It wasn’t anything major but it was movement. So I figured that was ok. Maybe you just took a long nap.

You are:

  • According to my OB an “average” baby at this point – I remain sceptical
  • Slowly descending (although at my last OB visit you still hadn’t engaged)
  • Practicing fetal breathing and making fists in preparation for the outside world

I am:

  • Exhausted
  • Really starting to get a little peeved that I’ waiting on Sparky for some of the stuff in the nursery and the house because I can’t do it myself
  • Getting at least a little nervous about how its all going to go down, you know, when I’m not too tired to think about it
  • Feeling really chunky – in the hips and backside, chocolate is not a good friend…just a tasty one
  • Watching a lot of The West Wing – just so as you know

Alles Liebe,



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