Week Thirty-Seven

Dear Button,

This week was more of the same. I’m still waking up through the night. I’m still getting the urge to scratch my belly like theres no tomorrow and I’m still generally tired. I’m also still looking incredibly ungainly and unladylike when I have to get up from the couch or the floor. It would quite possibly be quicker and easier to just get on my side first and then push up with my arms like I do when I get out of bed in the morning but no. It tends to be legs out and knees bent to brace and push from one end and arms spread either side behind me to help heave my body out of its resting place on the other. Perhaps with a little groaning or grunting involved. You know, for effect.

I vaguely remember the time when I started noticing that it was a lot more uncomfortable to move the way I used to previously. My abdominal muscles had started to go and it was like hmm…this isn’t so easy any more. Now, it just plain isn’t possible. The muscles around my stomach have apparently separated to sit either side of my stomach to make way for you and therefore coughing and sneezing are unpleasant for a whole new reason. I must say, I am kind of looking forward to getting my body back, or at least part of it. I have been told that it doesn’t end up feeling quite like that because I get to replace the alien in my stomach feeling with the milk cow with udders feeling – but at least you get to lie on your stomach whenever you want to…well, unless you’re boobs are engorged and they hurt.

This week has also been my last full week of work and I have been told “I don’t want you to go” and “can’t you just put it off for another twelve months or so” and despite the fact that I have mixed feelings about going on maternity leave (I am looking forward to you of course but I also enjoy going to work each day), I don’t think I’d be up for another twelve months of the belly. In all its itchy glory. Or the broken nights of sleep. Or even the fingers and ankles that are starting to feel a little thicker than they did before. Work has quite possibly in part been a way to keep my mind off the huge changes ahead and what getting there will actually entail but I think I’d rather face that than the perpetuation of the current status quo. As easy as this pregnancy has comparatively been, I’m glad I’m not an elephant.

You are:

  • Probably no longer covered by the down coat of lanugo that covered you from 26 weeks
  • Also no longer covered by the protective whitish substance vernix caseosa (you have apparently swallowed this and are storing it in your bowels to become your first poo!)
  • Full Term Baby!

I am:

  • Starting to feel more uterine contractions here and there which I’m told are Braxton Hicks
  • Not able to eat quite as much food in one sitting as I could before
  • Kind of resigned to the fact that I may not get another good nights sleep for the next 10 years

Bis dann,



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