Week Thirty-Six

Dear Button,

This week shall now be known as The Week Of The Itchy Belly. Holy moly, it was freakin’ itchy All. The. Time. It was irritating when I went to sleep. I would wake up at 3am scratching myself. I’d start to dig the nails in a little when I was at my desk – which usually ended in my accidentally pinching myself – and it was oh so tempting to go for it in the shower. That sentence sounds really bad, I know, but the itchiness hardly ever stopped! I found myself tempted just to scratch the skin off in case that would stop it from annoying the bejeezus out of me but I’m pretty sure that would have caused a whole new problem so I didn’t. I couldn’t stop scratching though.

I have heard a wives tale that if you have an itchy belly in pregnancy then it means that the baby (you) will have a full head of hair when born. Because you’re growing it now and  it must be tickling me from the inside or something which in turn makes me itchy. Which does seem somewhat ridiculous I must say. I am under the impression that whilst you have not actually “engaged”, you are still bottoms up so to speak and therefore your head (which includes your hair) is hardly in a position to be causing, excuse the phrase, the mother of all itches.

Not that it would be unbelievable that you will actually have a full head of hair though. I mean Sparky is definitely not suffering from male pattern baldness by any stretch of the imagination and even though I am back to malting like theres no tomorrow, you could not accuse me of having any less than a full, thick head of hair either. So I would not be surprised if you were born with a head of hair on you. I would also not be surprised if you had a big head either. Unfortunately. I have heard that my OB is notorious for waiting until the last minute to warn you if you’re going to have a big baby so I brought up the topic a number of times in my visit this week just to see what he’d say and I eventually got your “not small”.

So I’ve got that to look forward to in addition to nights of broken sleep from now on in it seems. I should really be thankful that it took 36 weeks to get here but I had to get up twice this week at stupid o’clock in the morning to pee and all the other mornings I just woke up…to scratch my belly, to heave myself onto my other side to sleep or just to try and get more comfortable. It was kinda annoying. And tiring. But apart from that, I’m good. And big. It seems now that when people ask me how long I’ve got to go and I say another four weeks, they’re like really?!? As though surely I must be ready to pop right now and not have another month to go? I mean I’m big but I didn’t think I was that big. However;

You are:

  • Gaining about 28g a day
  • Approx 2.7 kgs and 47cm long according to my app
  • Taking up more room in my uterus and therefore…

I am:

  • Reabsorbing amniotic fluid back into my body
  • Apparently transferring antibodies I have against nasty illnesses to you

Alles Liebe,



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