Week Thirty-Five

Dear Button,

This week wasn’t a big week or a momentous week or a particularly significant week either yet it was one where I noticed a lot of things. Some weeks seem to glide by with seemingly little change in the day to day but this week there were lots of small things. Like I notice I’m getting tired again. This has been coming on gradually I guess but now I know and anticipate that being out all day will wear me out. I have gone back to needing nanna naps occasionally. I don’t have as much energy as I did a few weeks ago and if there is a choice between just chilling out and getting stuck into something, chilling out usually wins hands down.

I have also started to notice that I have a bit of swelling. It probably doesn’t help that we have had a few days that were quite hot but I’m pretty sure its not just the heat. My rings are now harder to slip on and off each day and I’m pretty sure my ankles are bigger than they used to be. I haven’t blown up like a balloon with hideous water retention and the cankles to beat all cankles but I’d say that the latter weeks of pregnancy are starting to take their toll. Despite the fact that work seem to think I’m still glowing and have way more get up and go than a heavily pregnant woman should.

I can use the energy though cause I am up and down more to the bathroom than I have been at any other stage of the pregnancy. It seems I have been fortunate that its not until now that you have made an impact on my bladder. Now, when I get up and walk around, both you and gravity conspire to eliminate some of the room required for me to store pee for any length of time and so I make much more regular trips to the ladies than I ever did before. So far it seems that it is the downward force that is the issue because I am not having to get up through the night and generally not so much when I am reclining on a couch either but when I get up and start to move around, its oops, gotta pee. Again.

Also, while I’m thinking of that general area of my body, I have experienced a few uterine contractions this week. At least that what I assume they were. I would be walking along, minding my own business and then wham! It was like someone gave me a big internal pinch. Or maybe that was a tug. Like you’re being pulled from the outside in with a short, sharp yank. They were not the most pleasant of sensations to be sure but at least they were short lived with no lingering effects.

And speaking of short lived, I remember noting at the beginning of the pregnancy that I thought you were supposed to get the happy hormones which stopped you malting like a hairy beast from early on. You don’t apparently but then I did get to the stage that I wasn’t able to pull out enough hair to cover a barbie doll every time I had a shower. I had heard that this was supposed to remain the status quo until you started breastfeeding but it seems my body is making the return journey now and I’m back to cleaning out the shower and finding hairs in strange places. Sigh.

You, of course are still going hell for leather occasionally and kicking up a storm when the moment pleases you. So sometimes I might be sitting down and all of a sudden my belly is not “round” anymore. It might be slightly cone shaped or totally lopsided. It might look like it has a tumour growing on the side or it might even be rippling away, you know, like theres something alive in there. New for this week though was when I thought I felt what I assume was you turning your head. That was weird. It was low down in my pelvis and a really odd sensation. Not painful so much as kind of discomforting. There was just this “full” sensation and what felt like the brushing over of nerves. It was…different. As was the feeling I had for the first time today which I think was you having a case of the hiccups. I have heard of others experiencing this often however it wasn’t until today that I felt a slight regular “pulse” in my belly. It didn’t last for very long though so I guess you sorted yourself out.

You are:

  • About 2.4kgs
  • Putting on weight
  • Basically complete with your physical development

I am:

  • A nanna-napping pincushion apparently….<yawn>

Bis dann,



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