Week Thirty-Four

Dear Button,

Jeepers creepers kiddo! I’d ask what have you been on this week but everything you’re getting, you’re taking from me so its not the food. Maybe you just had a growth spurt or something but you have been kicking, pushing and punching up a storm this week. Up until now, at least by comparison, your movements have been more subtle. Obvious yes. Occasionally uncomfortable sure, but on the whole, a lot more gentle than they were this week. Its like all of a sudden you have found your strength and the need to stretch. And since you’ve still got a little room to stretch at this point (you are not yet totally cramped in there), you have been making the most of it.

At the moment, you have the ability to make my whole body shake if I have been sitting still. Sometimes its like watching something pulse deep inside my belly that sends out ripples across the stretched skin. At other times theres a limb or an extremity that gets pushed out and looks like I swallowed a golf ball that missed my stomach somehow and is floating around, sitting just under the surface looking for a way out. And then there are the movements that I can track from side to side which are presumably you turning over or around, trying to find a place to settle. Its a little strange to watch. Strange to feel too as I can feel the firmness of your body when you’re pushing out as opposed to the general feel of my swollen belly.

I am used to you being active after I lay down of an evening and just before I go to sleep. It occasionally weirds me out a little to feel it from the outside though so whereas I used to rest my hand on my stomach to touch and to feel, now I just try to make sure I stay out of your way. I can’t really imagine what Sparky must think of this because I have positioned his hand where he can feel it a few times. And with the luck of the draw, he usually only catches smaller movements to begin with so I have to tell him oh, that was nothing, then you wallop me and he wonders are you always like this? To which the answer pretty much is yes, off and on. You have your patterns of what I understand are awake and asleep but when you are awake, you like to make your presence known. Its hard to miss you.

Its harder still to prepare for you though. But maybe thats us being slack? We are so not ready for you. We never will be completely of course but we’re slowly coming down to crunch time and we don’t have the nursery set up properly. We are still planning to paint but we seem to be stuck on the type of paint. Not so much the colour (which has not been decided either) but whether we would buy something that I could safely use (which means I could help) or something that I (or rather you) would best not be exposed to at the moment. Sparky has all these grand ideas for the nursery such as murals and stars and decorations but I have a sneaking suspicion that practicality may end up getting in the way and your room will become one of many projects that becomes a work in progress. But maybe thats ok.

Sparky and I will be works in progress as parents. Along with the puppy we’ll be a work in progress as a family and you are definitely still cooking as our ultimate work in progress.

You are:

  • About 45cm long
  • Forming surfactant in your lungs which will help them function independently at birth

I am:

  • Noticing that the pooping has gotten a whole lot harder recently and as The Inside Story – Your Pregnancy Diary so charmingly points out for this week, haemorrhoids may also develop (sorry for too much information)
  • Also suffering from leg cramps – occasionally, just as I wake up now, if I stretch out my legs and point my toes I end up with these sudden cramps in my calves…which is kind of annoying

Alles Liebe,



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