A Word Or Two

Dear Husband,

You’re kind of funny when you’re tired, you know that? And I can always tell when you’re really tired because you get kind of goofy. The “dad jokes” start to come out a lot more frequently, conversations get a whole lot sillier and spoken grammar becomes a completely unnecessary requirement in the face of the sheer level of effort expenditure required. When you are “ex of the horse dead” as opposed to exhausted, you apparently conserve as many as possible of your still firing brain cells for far more important things than communication.

What I didn’t realise until today however was that your state of “exhaustion” also seems to directly affect your ability to spell and other brain to pen impulses. Which I discovered whilst we were discussing the items that needed to be picked up on your imminent trip to the stupidmarket. I had to laugh when I happened to have a read over of your shopping list to check you hadn’t missed anything…I believe you and I were discussing pears and apples – did you really just write those down as “froot”!?! And in consideration of what you were going to take to work to eat during the week, it was clear you had no idea yet…but did you really just refer to yourself by a nickname and in the third person?? Good job.

Only slightly more grammatically yours,

Your Loving Wife


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