Week Thirty-Three

Dear Button,

I believe I mentioned about two weeks ago that I was getting an inkling of what women were moaning about when they talked about back pain and other aches or maladies associated with pregnancy. Yes? Well holy smoke, that mild discomfort just got multiplied by 10 this week. I had the (mis)fortune of spending two nights on a sofa bed and it was absolute hell not something I’d like to repeat in a hurry. The sofa bed was actually quite a good one so I’m fairly sure I could have felt a whole lot worse but those were the most uncomfortable nights of sleep I have had in ages.

I decided I couldn’t face the substantial dip towards the middle that inevitably occurs when two adults share a mattress on a trampoline base so we put the mattress on the floor. This possibly served to make it firmer however so by the time I got up in the morning (I had already woken up numerous times), my hips were definitely screaming in protest. The second night I was desperate for some relief so decided to try sleeping with a pillow between my legs (since other pregnant women seem to swear by this). It did make for a marginally better night’s sleep.

I was definitely happy to have my own bed back again though once we came home. And my own bed has the added advantage that it is in a completely different room to the one in which the puppy sleeps. This means that he can’t decide at 5am in the morning that the place he’d really like to be sleeping is right where my feet and several other body parts happen to be. That 50kg dog just shoves you out of his way. A word of advice from me to you, you will grow up with a great dane and so may want one of your own eventually – never let them sleep in your bed!

Apart from that, it seems that at times you have the ability to improve my posture. When I slouch now I have you pushing up towards my ribs and you’re already practically resting on my lap when I am seated so to make enough room to, you know, breathe easily as well as carry you I have to sit up. I do have it better than some though. We did hellos and goodbyes at the antenatal class this week and “goodbye to sore ribs” and “hello to sleeping on my stomach” came up in the mum’s group. I don’t generally have sore ribs and I’m not all that concerned about sleeping on my stomach but I do miss being able to curl up in a ball…kind of like you are now.

You are:

  • No longer breech – I had an ultrasound this week and you’re now head down – good job
  • Getting a hardened skeleton, except for the skull (thank God) which needs to fit through the birth canal
  • Drinking about a pint of amniotic fluid per day and urinating the same amount – how appealing
  • About 2kgs and 44cms long

I am:

  • Giving you everything you want, especially calcium apparently, even if it weakens my bones and teeth – good thing I love my dairy
  • Getting surprised looks when I let people know I still have about 7 weeks to go – I take it this is supposed to mean that I am big

When I had the OB appointment this week, I actually asked the midwife if she could tell if you were big or not. She said not really and that regarding the measurements they normally take, you and I are both spot on. Sparky was 10”3’ when he was born however and I was 9”7’ and Neighbourette seems to think I look pretty big for a first time mother at this stage so I’m really not holding out much hope that you’re not going to be a real bruiser when you finally arrive. We shall see.

Alles Liebe,



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