Week Thirty-Two

Dear Button,

What can I say about this week? I’m sure I was thinking of things to write during the week. Short mental notes to self to say that I must mention this or I could write about that. But now that it comes time to commit words to the post, I am somewhat at a loss. Ok, and I also cheated and didn’t write this post right at the end of week thirty-two. But I got a little busy.

This was the week followed by the weekend that we went down to Canberra. This wasn’t a problem. I have fortunately never felt horrified at the prospect of three straight hours in a car since I got pregnant or even two very close periods of an hour and a half. I know that I wasn’t particularly looking forward to spending the night on a sofa bed but the travelling was fine.

So it was more or less, just another week in the journey. Nothing significant to distinguish it from the one before and many things that are the same. For example, I am still supposed to stay away from pre-prepared salads, soft cheeses and alcohol. Amongst other things. Which makes lunch at your god mother’s 60th birthday a whole lot less fun than it could have been but on the upside, the cake was awesome and since I’m already “fat”, I so didn’t feel guilty about seconds!

But to recount the general developments for this week…

You are:

  • Building up fat deposits underneath your skin to insulate you against abrupt temperature change at birth
  • Losing the whole translucent skin thing with the fat deposits and getting more opaque skin like me
  • Apparently enjoying sleep cycles of 20-40 minutes…?

I am:

  • Pumping around 40-50% more blood than I was before I got pregnant – all to accommodate your growing needs
  • Definitely to avoid heavy lifting now as my joints and spine are apparently softer than usual – so I do try to ask for help when I need it

Alles Liebe,


* This week’s photo was actually taken and photoshopped by Ben so its a little less dodgy than the normal ones…


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