Sparky Strikes Again

Dear Husband,

It’s a very special sort of person who has the innate talent to be as observant and aware as you are of everything that goes on around you. Sometimes I marvel at the unexpectedness of what comes out of your mouth. Like on the weekend for example. Since the puppy woke us up quite early, we were up and about in enough time to utilise the morning while it was there and not run straight into lunch before we really got going. I decided to wash my hair, a task that is never really accomplished in less than 20 minutes for me given its thickness and length. So I let you know that this was my intention and then disappeared into the bathroom to take a shower.

Predictably enough, about 20-30 minutes later, I reappeared with a towel wrapped around my head turban style into the living room where you were still watching television. As I assumed you had noticed in our years of living together, I often wrap my hair in a towel after I wash it as it keeps it from getting my clothes and whatever I am sitting on afterwards from getting wet. Wet clothes and wet upholstery never really make for a pleasant experience. Not long after I had reappeared (with the turban) however, we decided to go next door to visit the neighbours.

Whilst we have the sort of easy relationship between us and the neighbours where we definitely don’t stand on ceremony with each other, I decided it would be a good idea to ditch the towel first. I’m actually not above walking over there in my pj’s as you know but since I did have to go out into the street first, I figured sans towel was more appropriate. I’m not that much of a bogan yet. When I removed the towel from my head however and started to comb my hair, you looked at me and said “did you wash your hair!?!”.

Um……yes. Yes I did. After I told you that I was going to wash my hair, that was indeed what I did. And then I came out wearing a big purple towel on my head. It shouldn’t have surprised me that whilst you were watching television, there were not enough brain cells left to actually pay attention to what I was telling you but can I just ask – why did you think I was wearing a towel wrapped around my head? As a new fashion statement perhaps? You have absolutely no trouble identifying if you can see my underwear through my clothes or I’m high-beaming or something is gaping where it shouldn’t but when it comes to noticing a big purple terry-towelling towel wrapped around my head in a turban, you are seemingly oblivious.

Hopefully obviously yours,

Your Loving Wife

* Photo taken at the Medieval Fayre in Doonside this year


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