Week Thirty-One

Dear Button,

Now I think I might have an inkling of what pregnant women are moaning about when they’re all “Oh, the lower back pain!”. This week, I just found it impossible to get really comfortable. I couldn’t sit in one position on a chair for very long and I usually ended up at some point with at least one of my feet right underneath me. When the option was open, I was also more than happy for the floor as well. Any excuse to open up my legs really…

I keep thinking that you’re getting pretty big which is very first time mother / naïve of me cause you should have another 9 weeks to get even bigger. Anyway, I’m already doing the unladylike spread when I sit down. Parting my knees and opening up the hips slightly to make room for the belly which is already dipping between my thighs as I sit down. Apparently I am carrying you very low. Crossing my legs is now but a distant memory. Sigh.

And instead of bending down when I need to pick things up, I have taken to squatting like a frog. Just like you’ll get to do in kindergarten I’m sure. Although I’m not really in much of a state to start hopping around the floor or anywhere at all really. At the moment, if I walk up more than one flight of stairs, my thighs start to burn. I think that therefore counts out hopping about too. Its very depressing. The stairs thing, not the hopping thing. I can quite easily cope with not impersonating a frog funnily enough.

So yeah. Some discomfort this week stemming from the fact that it felt like my lower vertebrae were being squashed together and forced to support the watermelon I’m sporting in front. Maybe that’s what made me cranky halfway through the week. That and the interrupted sleep perhaps. Whatever it was, I was not in a good mood in the antenatal class on Wednesday night and I was too frazzled on Thursday to do anything but come home after work, go to bed and have a bit of a cry. I don’t think Sparky knew what to do with me. I felt a bit better afterwards however. I obviously needed the release and the rest. You are after all a growing baby.

You are:

  • Heading into a growth spurt
  • Over 41cm long and 1.5kgs
  • Able to turn your head from side to side – getting ready to say “no” already!

I am:

  • Apparently in the prime time for getting a cold as the toll you’re taking on my immune system is getting higher by the week
  • Still trying to guess which body part you are trying to jab me with when you get active

Oh, and I finally bit the bullet and had the 2 hour Glucose Tolerance Test. The crappy one where they take your blood three times in two hours. The pathology guy was very gentle with me though which was awesome. And I know I should have done this sooner but its really hard to rack up three days in a row of carbo-loading! I now find it hard to eat that much. Its not like I have a lot of room in there now. As it was, I didn’t manage to follow the exact diet rules as prescribed anyway. I only got close. Hopefully that was good enough. I am now waiting to hear back from my OB. Or not. He said if the results are fine, he won’t bother to call me but if theres something that needs to be addressed, he’ll call me in to see the dietician.

Anyway, the test itself wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I even felt better after this one than I did the last. No massive sugar crash. Yay. I did forget that you needed to pee beforehand however. Luckily for me, pregnant women can often pee so that turned out to be a non-issue. Actually getting the pee however was a somewhat…messier…experience than it was last time. Now you may think peeing in a cup – how hard can that be? Well for a woman it isn’t necessarily, if you’re thin. When you have an enormous belly however, unless you are Grover, your arms don’t easily reach down there until you’re pretty much spread eagled across the bowl. And you can’t really see what you’re doing either because you can only curl the top of you so far over before you stop. So you sit there, feeling like an idiot (probably hoping your pelvic floor is in shape if its not your first pregnancy), trying to regulate the flow of pee into a small cup with as little overflow / splash onto yourself as possible. Some things in life however are unavoidable.

Bis dann,



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