Week Thirty

Dear Button,

We’re ¾ of the way there! Which is a kind of scary prospect because I know more this week than I did last week. This week, Sparky and I went to our first antenatal class at the hospital. We sat around a room with a lot of other first time parents who were probably just as clueless as we were. Or maybe not. Hard to tell really. Nothing was actually a revelation for me during the class but at the same time, it definitely adds to the confidence levels (even if it only amounts to a sort of Dutch courage) to think that we’re not missing information. There is not some piece of knowledge that has somehow escaped our awareness but that a midwife feels is so glaringly obvious that they have not bothered to tell us either just in case.

I know you’re not supposed to come to the hospital until your contractions are about 3-5 minutes apart, your water breaks or the midwife tells you to because you have called to query what you are going through physically. I know about mucus plugs and placentas and that a number of women defecate during labour and (sh)it just “happens”. I guess I didn’t know that you can come to the hospital and request an enema if you are worried about that particular occurrence but then neither would I feel the need to request one so it’s kind of a moot point. Everything else is just fleshing out the “come to the hospital and do what the midwife/OB tell you to” which was pretty much my plan anyway.

You are:

  • Developing your eyesight – not sure what you’re using it for in there but you’re developing it nonetheless
  • Still doing somersaults

I am:

  • Being told more frequently that I’m “fat” which is kind of annoying (oddly enough, I wouldn’t have an issue with big, swollen, round or may of the other descriptions/euphemisms associated with pregnancy – I just don’t like “fat”)

Other than that, things are progressing as I assume they are supposed to be. Decent sleep as a result is getting a little harder to come by. Its all very well for people to tell you sleep while you can. Lie in bed late whenever you get a chance. Take all the hours in bed you can get etc. No one ever tells you how to ignore the human being in your belly however that decides to make their presence known as soon as they find themselves predominantly horizontal rather than vertical. People don’t say if you can get past the new aches you are experiencing and sleep rather than just rest, you should do that. This is more where I am at however. Resting as much as I am sleeping (which is not as much as I’d like). I am more restless in sleep than I was before and therefore need to turn over more often. I need to wake up to turn over though so I don’t quite get the uninterrupted nights of sleep that I’d like or hours of blissful rest. Its actually not too bad on the whole however so I shouldn’t complain. I’m not falling asleep at my desk or lying in bed awake at night for hours so it could definitely be a lot worse.

Alles Liebe,



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