Week Twenty-Nine

Dear Button,

This last week it seems I have been further developing the art of the tilt and swerve manoeuvre. Not that skilful, precise tilt and swerve of the corporate rockets that barrel down George Street every morning like a bat out of hell or the artful tilt and swerve of the innately graceful that never run into anyone but somewhat more the random tilt and swerve of someone not focussed on walking in a straight line. Its definitely not as bad as the drunken tilt and swerve of someone who can’t walk in a straight line but there is a certain meandering quality I have observed as I walk to and from the station each day.

I don’t know whether it’s the affected balance / progressed pregnancy / high heels combo that throws me off or baby brain that just has me not paying anywhere near enough attention to navigate effectively on a busy sidewalk. I have noticed however that walking in a straight line these days in heels (and just maybe out of them too) tends to be somewhat more of an effort than it ever was previously. Before you get it into your head that I’m careening into other pedestrians or wildly zigzagging up the street, I’m not. And to look at me, you might not even notice anything strange but I know in my head that when I am heading dead north (or dead any direction really), my feet will somehow have me subtly veering nor-north east and then back again over the course of several metres. I find it strange.

I also find it strange that I have been in a crappy mood for most of the week. Once again, not in a really bad mood or expressing overtly noticeable moodiness to all and sundry, but I have been more frustrated in general, much shorter with others at times than I would have liked and on the whole, Ms Cranky Pants. Maybe it’s a tired thing. I’m getting to the stage where I wake up to roll over in bed each night. Or maybe I did that before and I just roll over a lot more often now? You are certainly getting heavier as well as bigger and I haven’t been able to lie flat on my back for any real length of time for a while now. I can’t really stay on one side for hours and hours anymore either though. I have to switch sides regularly. I go straight back to sleep and am not lying in bed awake for hours in discomfort or anything like that but I do wake. Just as I wake when Sparky is having a really bad night. And he seems to be having more and more of those as well of late. Probably because he’s stressing himself out. He hasn’t embraced the “we’ll just wing it” philosophy!

Honestly, its too late to go back now even had we wanted to (which we don’t) and we have health cover, general health and a desire not to screw up completely – so I think we’ll be fine. I am of course hoping that if I can be relaxed about this whole process then you’ll be relaxed when you get here and not turn really high maintenance on us and refuse to sleep through the night till you’re four. If you could just make a note to sleep through a lot earlier than that, it’d be great. And for this week’s update:

You are:

  • About 1.1kg and 38 cm from head to toe.
  • Sucking all the nutrients out of me that you can get…protein, vitamin C, folic acid, iron, calcium…
  • Very nearly (or already) able to react to sound – apparently nearly all babies do this by 30 weeks.

I am:

  • Experiencing slower digestion and a bit more gas and constipation again as things are getting crowded in there.
  • Gaining weight.
  • Supposed to be easing off the side of ice cream and cake with dinner as opposed to those extra veggies. Bummer.

Alles Liebe,



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