Week Twenty-Eight

Dear Button,

More needles this week. Well, actually, it was only one needle but it hurt when she put it in, it was deuced uncomfortable when she attached four separate vials to take my blood and it hurt when she took it out again. Of course, were you actually to see me get the needle I would have been all its-only-a-little-uncomfortable-and-it-doesn’t-hurt-at-all, but since you’re not here yet, I can be a big baby and say I really hate needles. Which is quite unfortunate really because I failed my test. Well, I didn’t fail so much as return a result that requires clarification or some such.

This week I had my first Gestational Diabetes test. A test where they give you an insanely sweet drink that makes your brain buzz before it tells you that it’d really appreciate it if you could curl up in the corner and just go to sleep. Its almost more of a syrup than a drink and whilst I had no problem consuming it (some people find it too disgustingly sweet but then I always did have a sweet tooth), it did make me feel a little weird. It was almost imperceptible but it was there, like a hyper-awareness or a fight or flight sensation and I think it was the drink. Anyway, I had to consume the entire bottle (it was only a little bottle) on the spot and then sit on my butt for an hour until they could take my blood which apparently still had too much sugar in it. Or something. One of my levels was higher than it was supposed to be so now I get to do the 2 hour test. Joy.

The 2 hour test is one that actually takes three days preparation whereby I have to carbo-load and eat all this food in addition to my normal diet. I have to eat more fruit and vegetables and pasta and rice and then on the day of the test, I have to fast so they can take one lot of blood on an empty stomach. I then have to drink the slightly sickly sweet cocktail again (which is sure to be a joyful experience on a completely empty stomach – I feel a sugar crash coming on) and sit on my butt for an hour before they take my blood. Again. And if that wasn’t enough, I then have to go back to sitting on my butt for an hour before they take my blood a third time. They “recommend” that I bring a book. And after that I’m pretty sure I’m going to really hate needles.

Now I guess its better to be safe than sorry. I don’t want to have Gestational Diabetes but if I do, I guess I want to know about it so that I can manage it properly. But I will be happy if this test can prove that I don’t have it although at the same time, it will be slightly irritating if I have to go through the whole drama for nothing. I am inclined to agree with Neighbourette though that there does seem to be somewhat of a conspiracy at this point to ensure I get more pregnancy tests than the average woman – even for one over 30. At least its not going to cost me like the CVS did though. Stretching the bank balance to that extent again would not be fun.

But enough about me.

You are:

  • Just over a kilo apparently which I am told is the same weight as a Chinese cabbage – why Chinese cabbages are all apparently considered to be just over a kilo (I thought they might differ a little more) is beyond me.
  • Yet another cm longer – about 38cm head to heel now.
  • Developing your eyesight and may be able to see light outside the womb through your eyes which have eyelashes.

I am:

  • Starting to wonder whether 2 ½ months is not nearly long enough to get finished up at work and prepared for you.
  • Hearing from Sparky “Do not get Restless Leg Syndrome” which I a) do not believe I have anyway, b) feel inspires the response “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” because he’s literally been having a nightmare of a week and it wakes me up all the time and c) don’t think there’s much I could do about it if I did get it.

Alles Liebe,



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