Week Twenty-Seven

Dear Button,

Even though I don’t really have any cause to complain, because I’ve still got a ways to go and I am certainly not “huge”, I am starting to feel “big”. I feel the extra weight when I am walking up stairs and when I am bending over to do the washing up. Bending over to fold clothes is also hell after the first 4 t-shirts. And my belly often feels all distended when I have a big meal. I’m sometimes not sure whether theres enough room in there for you and dinner. Which is to say that I usually cram big meals in there and then think slightly better of it when I feel full to bursting afterwards. I was just thinking “TTT” which is what my Nanna used to say when she was full which meant Tummy Touching Table but lets face it, mine does that anyway at the moment so its really not a reliable gauge.

Its not the most comfortable feeling however and heres a note to self: do not go out walking on a very full stomach. Ever again. Earlier this week I thought it would be a great idea to take the puppy for a walk and it seemed the most convenient time was right after dinner. Now I have been spending part of my days of late power walking up and down the East and West corridors at work in heels so I assumed that a nice evening walk in runners would not be a problem. Which was where I was apparently mistaken. After eating what was probably more than my fair share of butter chicken and rice (hey, it tasted great), Sparky and I took the puppy out and I kid you not, I was literally holding my stomach for about 80% of the walk.

I felt like you were bouncing up and down every time I took a step and like I was going to pull my stomach all out of shape just on the basis of one walk around the neighbourhood. It was not a good feeling. And then there was the fact that I ploughed straight into Sparky because I was looking at an sms on my phone and wasn’t watching where I was going. That was really uncomfortable too. And dumb. I mean he was trying to teach the puppy to heel and had been stopping repeatedly without warning for the last half an hour (which is very annoying to walk behind I must say) so I don’t know why I assumed that he would not do it again whilst I had my head down but he did and then I ran into him and then ouch!

In other news, I never realised that dressing whilst pregnant was going to be such a chore. I mean I’ve already whinged about the lack of suitable warm clothing here but my next gripe is that layering is so complicated! Now that I’m suitably pregnant, I have ceased to have a waist and therefore frequently do not have waistbands as such. I favour the non tramp look however so I prefer items of clothing that cover my belly but that means that pants cover me from the bottom up and my shirts cover me from the top down. And cause they’re all meant to be for differing stages of pregnancy, they are all stretchy, elasticated, clingy, belly-hugging types of clothes.

So on any given day I might wear a bonds maternity tank so the tank goes down over my belly. I want to wear a skirt with boots though so the tights come up over my belly and the tank. I have a nursing top with a couple of layers at the front which goes down over my belly and the tights. I then put on the skirt with the high waistband that comes up over my belly (and it looks best when its over the under layer of the nursing top) but under at least the top layer of the nursing top. Then I have a wool poncho thing which goes over everything. And this is all fine until you have to go to the bathroom and peel yourself open at the middle so you can do your business before putting your wardrobe back together again. I tell you, its complicated!

You are apparently more straightforward.

You are:

  • About 900g which I am told is about the same as a cauliflower ma petite Chou-fleur.
  • A cm longer than you were last week.
  • Sleeping and waking at regular intervals and opening your eyelids (which have been fused since about 11—12 weeks).

I am:

  • Feeling more and more kicks.
  • Trying not to scratch my rash.

I have decided that one of the side effects from being pregnant is a rash that I seem to have acquired on the back of my right knee. I have never really suffered from eczema before and I can’t think of anything different that I have been doing or that I have been exposed to apart from the whole growing another human inside of me so I’m chalking it up to a pregnancy thing. Especially because both my shins are often itchy as well. Sometimes insanely so. Most of the time I can ignore it but I have now resorted to Sigmacourt cream to make it go away because its extremely irritating and in addition to that, not very pretty either. So I am hoping that it does go away soon and that it is just a hormones and body out of whack thing that has made it flare up at the moment. Because Spring is practically here which means shorter skirts and no tights (and incidentally one less layer to worry about – I’m just saying).

Alles Liebe,



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