Week Twenty-Six

Dear Button,

Far out brussel sprout, you must have had a bee in your bonnet or ants in your pants or something this week. You know, figuratively speaking of course since you’re not actually wearing any clothes right now. You were just wriggling about all over the place! And at all sorts of times too. I used to find that you’d be fairly quiet through most of the day but that when I sat down in the train on the way home or when I finally lay down to go to sleep, you’d start to readjust and make yourself comfortable. Or whatever it is that you do. Now, its a different story.

At the moment, you’re active when I’m sitting at my desk working, when I sit down to relax and when I’m just standing or walking around. And also it seems after I eat something. No matter what I’m doing. I’m starting to wonder whether whenever my blood sugar goes up, you wake up. I must say, occasionally its a little disconcerting. Especially at work. I’ll be talking to someone or about to sink my teeth into a task and then you’ll kick me or punch me. Its quite distracting. And I can see it now too. So I have now literally started navel-gazing once or twice. Looking down at my stomach and watching the different bumps and lumps. Its like an episode of Dr Who or Alien where you see someone’s skin move and stretch before a new life form pops out. I am assuming you won’t be just “popping out” however…especially in the immediate future.

So I have been experiencing increased movement this week in addition to that new glorious side effect of being pregnant, reflux. And can I just say that Mr Reflux is so not my friend. He and I don’t get along well. He is in fact an unwelcome guest. I would say he is also a pain in the butt however, anatomically speaking, thats the wrong end. Having Reflux around is more like that constant sensation that there is bile just waiting to creep up the back of your throat. Its not that I feel queasy because I don’t exactly or that I actually have acid or bile in the back of my throat (because I don’t have those either) but I have had this “off” feeling that disappears momentarily when I eat something but lingers the rest of the time. And it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Both figuratively and literally.

So its not all peace, love and daisy chains at the moment. Its not bad though. It pretty much means everything is happening as it should but its another adjustment. But then, you’re changing constantly.

You are:

  • About 36 cm from head to heel.
  • Weighing about 760g.
  • Hearing both my voice and Sparky’s as the network of nerves in your ears is much better developed than before. In fact each of your five senses are fully developed.

I am:

  • Getting softer ligaments in my lower back which can be stretched or damaged if I wear 3 inch heels daily. Which I don’t. Just thought you’d like to know.
  • At the end of the 2nd trimester and about to get into the apparently yucky 3rd trimester.

So I hope you’re having fun in there.

Alles Liebe,



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