Week Twenty-Five

Dear Button,

I believe I have turned into the moaning mama. The one that utters an unnecessary grunt or groan sound whenever I bend low, squat down or roll over. Like those female tennis players that need to vocalise every time they have any contact with the ball, I’m not sure that it serves any real purpose and its possibly quite annoying to those that are around to hear but you do it anyway. Like it somehow makes everything easier…because everything is getting that much harder at the moment.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, its not really hard of course. I’m not suffering per se. Its more that it surprises me when I can’t seem to do something today that I had no problem with yesterday. Walking up the two flights of stairs at the train station in the morning is now an effort. All of a sudden I am contemplating whether I can do tasks sitting down rather than standing up when I would not have previously given it a second thought. Even when I go to sidle past a group of people because I want to get by I am realising too late that I’m not as thin as I was any more and I bump my belly (or rather you). Sorry about that.

For all that though, everything is apparently going well and you’re perfectly healthy. I also went and saw the OB this week. On my wedding anniversary. Didn’t plan it that way but then it seemed like a good excuse to take the day off and go and do some other things. Like get photos taken. Sparky and I went back to the photographers that shot our wedding and had some family portraits with the “bump” and the dog. I have a feeling that more photos were actually taken of Reuben than of us in the end but hopefully we’ll get something nice from it. There’s not that much more to report however. I am apparently now right in the middle of that 20-28 week Goldilocks period. You know, not too big, not to small, not too hot, not too cold…just right! But right now…

You are:

  • Getting solid bones
  • Enjoying maturing brain cells
  • In possession of fully developed hands and sexual organs
  • Growing more hair with a distinctive colour and texture and everything (and if you take after both your parents at all, it’ll be a full head of hair on a big head!)

I am:

  •  Noticing you move more and more

Every day, sometimes in both the morning and the late afternoon/evening I can feel you moving around. Thankfully you’re not keeping me up at night but I frequently find that if I have a restful period after hours of movement and activity, that is when you start to dance and do somersaults. Or maybe its karate. Apparently your head is down the bottom and you’re limbs are closer to the top so I’m not always sure whether its kicking or punching that I feel but sometimes you give it a good go. Sparky has even felt you once or twice now. The look on his face the first time was pretty cool. This doesn’t explain why you’re sometimes active whilst I’m at work but maybe you’re just saying hello? Or saying that you want me to move? Although if that’s the case, you probably mean in a way that’s convenient to you and not to me. Can I just say, I tried to cut my toenails last night and boy, was that difficult!

Bis dann,



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