Month Thirty-Six

Dear Husband,

Happy Anniversary! Three years now. And the last one that it’ll be just the two of us. I know we’re both looking forward to the baby, probably with equal parts apprehension and eager anticipation, but at the same time, there is a small part of me that is sad to see what we have now go. The freedom to go out on the spur of the moment, the freedom to stay out if we want to, the freedom to go to a movie/a café/a party (not that we’ve been doing a lot of that recently, but at least we can!)…At the moment, our life is that much easier. We can both sleep pretty much whenever we feel the need. Sort of. I must admit, you never seem too happy when its me that is exhausted and wants to peel off at 9pm to hit the sack like a nanna but then you don’t try and stop me either. You also do your fair share of turning in early since you’ve been keeping up with this group training gig that often wears you out. Sometimes more than you anticipate. But then that’s what happens when you decide to run a half marathon!

This month, you decided that you were going to go on one of the fortnightly runs that the training group was starting. You don’t run normally of course and you’re not generally a fan of running so you tell me but apparently it seemed like a good idea at the time to head out to Balmain for 7am and join them so off you went. Better you than me I say. Prior to this of course you had been hunting down new shoes (in numerous stores right across Sydney I might add) due to the fact that the sticky tape you had adhered to the old ones (I swear, that’s almost as bad as my old Sea Scout Patrol Leader – Kent used to stick his badges on with blu-tack and that didn’t really work either) wasn’t really going to stand up to sustained movement. Movement that you thought would be a tiring run of around 10k’s. So you got your new shoes on the Saturday and the first thing you did in them was to join a Sunday run on an unplanned route that the group was making up as they went along.

And they went along for about 18k’s!! Now I may be crazy sometimes but dude, I think you missed a whole big step in there. That is like waking up and saying hmm…I haven’t done any training but I think I’d like to run a half marathon today…

But you survived. You completed the run. You made them all think you were nuts when you announced that you’d done it in new shoes (I did tell you that this might not have been the smartest idea on the planet) but then you didn’t get the massive blisters that I expected so it all seemed to go well. Comparatively speaking. You were of course moaning and groaning (loudly) and hobbling around the house for the next week as your body desperately tried to recover but you were very proud of yourself. You told me so. For about two days straight. That’s ok though cause I was proud of you too. I have been really impressed that you have kept up this training thing and I have seen a difference. Emotionally as well as physically. I know some of the results haven’t been coming as fast as you want but they are coming, I promise, so I hope you can stick with it. Although I was hardly surprised when you decided that running by yourself on a cold Canberra morning was just not on your list of things to do.

When it just so happened that the fortnightly run that those in your training group were doing was going to fall on the weekend that we were going down to Canberra for my father’s birthday, you apparently promised the group faithfully that you’d still go for a run (I think I sniggered on the inside). You dutifully looked up a route that you could run around Lake Burley Griffin though and you rationalised that Canberra would be cold of course but after you had been jogging for about 5-10 minutes, you would warm up sufficiently and be fine for the rest of the run. You were told it would be foggy out but you figured that was neither here nor there and you assured me that you were going to get up and head out before 8am. You also asked if I wanted to take the dog to the off leash park before I expected you to finish so we could all travel back to my parent’s place together…and you didn’t have to run up the hill. I grew up in Canberra however and I am not insane so my response to that was pretty much Hell No. I am not giving up a warm bed after what I assume will be a crappy night’s sleep on a sofa bed to stand out in the freezing cold in a coat I can’t do up cause my belly is too full of baby just so that the puppy can go for a run before breakfast. Although I probably put it a little more politely.

And surprise, surprise, we woke up at 8:45 when my phone told us we had 15 minutes to get to breakfast at my friends place a couple of suburbs away. You decided (even after your sleepin because you were tired) that you had enough time for a shower before we left and when we did actually leave the house and get out into the cold and down towards the lake, you were shocked that you couldn’t see more than 10 metres in front of you! Because of the fog. Which my dad told you about. Despite being born in Armidale, you just showed your Sydney boyness right there. My father was born in London. When he says fog, he means fog. Not mist or haze or whatever it was you expected to see, but fog. And even Canberra fog is not like London fog. I’m guessing though that maybe even if you did get up on time, if you’d looked out the window before getting dressed, you might just have crawled back into bed anyway. Since people told you to take a photo of yourself whilst you were out jogging however and put it on facebook, I offered to take a photo of the fog so you could pretend that you really were out there, they just couldn’t see you but you said no thanks. Oh well. Can’t say I didn’t offer.

The rest of the month passed by I think without much to recommend it, or maybe that was comment on…Work happened, weekends came and went and the weather was a bit up and down. Our anniversary was really nice though. Even if you were convinced that you should have planned it differently or planned it at all or whatever.  The OB appointment first thing was necessary and booked in advance but pretty much went like all the other appointments. Everything was fine, I got asked about three times if I had any questions or concerns or things I wanted to discuss, I said no and you sat there quietly not saying a word. Then we both got our hair cut which was something I’d been looking for an excuse to do for ages. Getting my hair cut that was, not yours. Although you did need it too. We then had to fit in lunch before getting anniversary photos taken by our wedding photographers which was a little rushed I will admit.

I’d say we’re preparing for parenthood because we seem to be opting more for the breakfasts and lunches rather than the nights out (or maybe that’s just me). I didn’t really arrange to be somewhere however or tell you that I wanted to fit in a leisurely lunch before the photo shoot which I probably should have. Especially since you have your own schedule now where you’re trying to eat at certain times of the day and the leisurely lunch didn’t seem to be one of them. I did enjoy it though and you assured me that you did also. And then there was the family/anniversary/pregnancy photo shoot. A shoot where I’m pretty sure there were more photos taken of the dog than of us but then, he is pretty cute. I’m not going to turn into a crazy dog lady and put up photos of him all over the house but I am glad that we will have some photos with him. Some photos where we are just a small family. At the beginning of our life together. Just the two of us, you and me, but with a four-legged friend and a bump of things to come. I want to remember this time because we will still be a couple even when we are a bigger family and I’m glad we had those years to be just you and me.

The next year is likely to be crazy for the both of us and a whole heap of stuff will change but please know that I love you and I’m glad you’re the one doing this with me.

Ever yours,

Your Loving Wife

* Photo taken at this year’s Vivid Festival


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