Week Twenty-Four

Dear Button,

This week was another busy week! I may have moved into a new office last week but that didn’t mean that all the work was over this week and everything would be back to normal. No. The office is now a whole lot bigger and since we haven’t quite got the phones sorted out, there is a lot of up and down and traipsing from one end of the office to the other. Often quite quickly because I have someone on hold and my phone tends to hang up on people if you don’t get back to them promptly. Stupid phone.

So there was all the physical up and down and forward and back in the office this week. There were also several deliveries and bits of furniture showing up which meant trips down to the loading dock and a bit of construction. My boss came out whilst I was sitting on the floor screwing feet onto the sofa and was all “what are you doing!?!” but I maintain that I got a male to tip the couch on its end for me first and I wasn’t exerting myself with the allen key by any means. Besides, I like building furniture. It makes me feel like I have accomplished something which is kind of nice since there are a number of other things I haven’t managed to finish sorting yet.

And that as far as I can remember is all there really is to say about this week. I can feel you start to get a bit stronger and bigger but it’s a gradual thing and its hard to say from one week to the next that there has been a really noticeable change. It usually strikes me when I do something that I haven’t done for a while and the outcome is different that hey, everything is really progressing. Like looking down in the shower and thinking hmm…if I stand up straight then I can’t see my toes any more. Weird. I don’t exactly have to go out of my way to check that they’re still there or anything but nevertheless, when I used to look down, there was feet there. Now theres just belly.

You are:

  • Officially at the edge of viability. Woohoo! That is, most hospitals would automatically attempt every possible life-saving option were you to be born now. PS, that is not an invitation!
  • Still pretty skinny
  • Developing cells that produce surfactant – a substance that helps air sacs inflate easily and stops small sacs in the lungs from collapsing

I am:

  • Supposed to be doing regular and gentle exercise…does walking the stairs to and from the train count? Probably not.

So there you go. Reading a few other accounts of this period of time, it occurs to me that I am relatively unstressed and not bent towards depression which is awesome. I’m not having random anxious moments or panic attacks and I’m still pretty happy with my “I’ll just wing it” plan. The classes through the hospital that Sparky and I are booked into next month may burst my bubble but I hope not. I am also hoping that my relatively relaxed state now will help you be a cruisy baby when you get here but only time will tell I guess.

Alles Liebe,



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