Week Twenty-Three

Dear Button,

This week was like a test. A test to see how much I could handle, how much I could let others handle and how much I could ask for help. In case you wanted to know, my office moved location this week and I was the one who finished off the packing and who organised the movers and the placement of stuff in the new office. Partly because I like to be in control, well, actually, mostly because I like to be in control and also because that kind of stuff that doesn’t specifically fit in anyone else’s job description ends up in mine. Gopher girl was apparently written into the contract somewhere in really small print…

Anyway, given that I am now quite obviously pregnant, there are a number of things that I can’t do and also a number of things that others won’t let me do. On the up side, there does happen to be a number of things that I just don’t want to do and it’s a lot easier to palm these off by telling people I obviously shouldn’t be doing them. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not overdoing it. I am trying to be good. I am asking people to lift things for me and letting people help when they offer but sometimes, when you want something done, you just have to do it yourself. Wow, there is a lot of “do” in this paragraph…it almost sounds repetitive, or like it doesn’t make sense. You know when you stare at something for so long or reread it so many times that you start to wonder if its actually right or not? Probably not yet, huh?

So yeah, I pulled a couple of long days (and nights), lifted more than I should, didn’t eat as well as I ought but I got to the new kitchen first and got to put everything where I wanted it. I did tell people that they could move it if I was suffering from baby brain and the layout of items didn’t make sense but people seem to have stuck with it so either I did ok, everyone is scared of me or they just don’t care. All in all though, I only got a couple of slight twinges that suggested I should back off and no jarring pains that announced you really shouldn’t have done that so I’m assuming I haven’t managed to break you. There must be buckets of pregnant women out there that attempt more than they should so I’m going with knowing when to stop is the good thing. Not that you never start anything in the first place. Because like I said, when you want something done…

You are:

  • Surprise, surprise, a smidgeon bigger than last week and about 500g
  • Still developing blood vessels in your lungs
  • Going to have your pancreas kicking into gear around now

I am:

  • Now getting comments that I am fat!
  • Considering that I should really put get organised on my to do list

I really will get organised eventually. Probably. Although I am starting to feel a little huge which tends to suck some of my energy. And it doesn’t bode particularly well for the future since I am not actually huge yet and that part is yet to come but I guess I’ll just deal with that when I get there.

Bis dann,



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