Week Twenty-Two

Dear Button,

So I took my first belly photo this week. I know, I know, the beginning of the 2nd half of my pregnancy is not the best time to start doing this but hey, better late than never. And at least it was the beginning of the 2nd half. I honestly had the best of intentions of doing this a whole lot earlier but then the first time round we miscarried early and the second time round, I was waiting to pass that first milestone of a longer pregnancy and then I didn’t get my backside into gear before we had the “scary scan” and then for a while I think I almost felt like I would jinx myself if I took photos. Don’t ask me why. There was also the logistics of actually taking the self portrait that would look sufficiently non-crap that I’d consider sharing it and that seemed a herculean feat in and of itself.

I eventually found the motivation to clear a space though and set up the camera with enough time to take a couple of shots in natural light. They were by no means brilliant and it is very clear to see that I quickly got bored (by my poses and my dodgy photo editing) but at least they do offer historical evidence that I did look the way I did once upon a time. Because this seems to be the main “symptom” of my pregnancy at the moment. The fact that I have a belly. I’m feeling reasonably well right now. Apparently I’m looking well too. I’m not excessively tired and I’m still comfortable enough to sleep through the night. Either the weather is warmer or my body temperature is starting to rise because I don’t feel so perpetually cold any more but neither do I feel hot and bothered so that’s all good and not inconvenient in the slightest.

There are still no major food aversions, cravings or smells that make me gag. I am missing being about to eat deli meats, runny eggs and morning-after-cold-pizza but there is an awful lot I can eat so its not as if I’m on a diet of plain rice and vegetables. I don’t have swollen ankles, I’m not itchy, there are no strange skin blemishes, I’m not nauseous and there aren’t really any aches and pains to speak of so it all sounds incredibly boring (or blissful if you’re one of those women who have really suffered through pregnancy). Maybe you’ll get here and you won’t sleep, you’ll grizzle all the time, you’ll hate the pram and the car seat and this will be like the trade off for an easy pregnancy. I’m kind of hoping not but you never know. This could also be the calm before the storm so to speak and I could spend the coming months feeling less than peachy shall we say. I’m hoping not on this count as well but only time will tell.

What I did notice the other day though was I’m not so good on only one leg any more. Let me explain. Normally my balance is pretty good. I’m not a klutz by any means and I usually would think nothing of putting on socks whilst standing up. You just lift one foot in the air, pull on the sock and then you do the same thing on the other side. It’s a little different when your centre of gravity has a subtle shift however. Apart from the fact that lifting your foot anywhere near your hand now more or less equates with kneeing or “thighing” yourself in the belly, I have noticed that there is an extra little wobble in there some of the time. Especially when I try to keep the knee out of the way. And occasionally a second pass is required. Note to self here: do not even think about going near a bicycle till the end of the year.

I tell you, I’m starting to feel like a little kid. Before long I’ll have to make sure I’m sitting down before I put on my pants, socks and shoes. Or make someone else do it. At least the socks and shoes part. I’m pretty sure I can handle my pants. And your pants when you get here. Which still isn’t for a while I hope as there is a fair bit of developing to go yet. But at the moment:

You are:

  • Apparently following a regular schedule of sleeping, turning sucking and kicking and have settled on a favourite position in the uterus.
  • Measuring around 27cm from crown to heel.
  • Actually proportioned like a newborn apart from the need to fatten up.
  • Lacking the pigment in your iris though the rest of your eye is formed.
  • Getting the first signs of teeth in the form of tooth buds beneath the gum line.

I am:

  • Putting on weight.
  • Waiting.

Alles Liebe



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