Week Twenty-One

Dear Button,

This week, I had my next major scan. The one where they confirmed that you have ten fingers and ten toes. Yay, you’re not a mutant. Except that they also give you 3D pictures from these scans and you head was totally mushed up against the placenta for practically the whole time so in the photo that they gave me, guess what – totally a mutant! Be thankful that I didn’t use that picture. But I’m sure you’ll be beautiful when you arrive. Apparently everything else looks fine and all is going well. Even if I do get strange responses from the advising doctors.

You are:

  • Approximately 27cm long – told you you’d grow in leaps and bounds – of course this is now head to toe (otherwise you’re 11.8cm).
  • With fully developed eyebrows and eyelids and your fingernails cover your fingertips.
  • Apparently listening to all my conversations.

I am:

  • In the blissful stage apparently when the initial bad stuff that can come should have waned and before the other bad stuff that happens towards the end has commenced.

It was a relief that this scan was completely normal with no nasty surprises but apparently a “normal” scan doesn’t mean that we get away without a “huh?” moment. The beginning was all rather uneventful. There was the first part of the scan where my bladder needed to be full and then I got to pee and go back for the second part of the scan where they took lots more measurements of you. Unlike last time where you didn’t want to move at all and I ended up having to get off the bed to jump around (after a goodly amount of hip jiggling on the bed), this time you couldn’t keep still. Unfortunately you couldn’t keep still in the most inconvenient places. I am crossing my fingers that this is not a signal for things to come.

Anyway, that part all went smoothly and then we went out and were told to wait till the technician brought the disc with the pictures out. Which was a bit of a misnomer really because what we were actually waiting for was the resident specialist to look over the results and discern where there was anything to be concerned about. Taking into account of course that the last scan threw up some funky results. The doctor eventually came out and said that everything looked fine but then he said he could see I’d had a CVS – what was the result? I said everything was fine and it took me a moment to understand that what he actually wanted was the ratio (result) that prompted the CVS. When I said 1:16 he just responded with “Oh…well….it does all look fine now”. I’m sorry, what was that?

I couldn’t work out whether he was surprised that things looked as normal as they did now on the basis of such a low number and was concerned that he might have overlooked something or whether it was more an oh, that must have really worried you at the time but please don’t worry, everything looks normal now. Many doctors aren’t really known for their bedside manner so I was assuming it wasn’t the later but he did say a couple of times that everything looked ok (whether that fact in itself was unexpected or not) so I’m going to go with you’re all good at the moment. I did mention this exchange to the midwife the next day and she said don’t worry, he’s just like that. Oh well.

So yeah, the scan was this week which also told me that the placenta is at the front of my belly and therefore masking some of your kicks which I can’t say I’m that bothered about. Especially seeing as I really felt you kick me on Friday and it was kind of…distracting. It wasn’t painful or uncomfortable per se and it was only the once but I actually felt it with my hand and it was weird. I have felt you moving about more this past week but apart from that time, it hasn’t been anything that could be felt externally. You’re definitely getting bigger though.

There was one night this week (and thankfully it was just a night) where I just had various cramps so I assume my body was adjusting to a few things. Like being bigger. And heavier. I know I am by no means huge but since I’m now half way, I do feel the extra weight (although that could also have something to do with all the cake that has been floating around the office…?). The midwife said I’m only about 1kg over what they might expect though so nothing to be concerned about at this point. My belly is really noticeable though which is also why I am in turn noticing my bladder a lot more. I’m not at the stage yet where I’m getting up in the middle of the night to relieve myself but I am noticing the need to pee more frequently than usual. So there you go.

Alles Liebe,



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