Your Stuff

Dear Button,

Its kind of strange to think that we are now starting to pick up things that are for you and will, more or less, be yours. Especially since you’re not here yet. At the moment its all been big things like cots (yes, that was cots plural – we have two now even though you only need one) and strollers (we have three of these – obviously we have some culling to do) but we do also have some toys and other things for your room and we are getting more bit by bit. This is the pace that I can manage at the moment.

It seems I have a relatively short attention span or perhaps that was patience for the big baby stores and places where one acquires stuff en masse. Sparky and I went past one this afternoon after picking up a cot and a stroller for you somewhere else and I lasted half an hour before I was pretty much over it and too tired to stay. I swear, those place do my head in. There is so much stuff that cannot be necessary. I mentioned to a friend that I’d like to go and check out one of these stores with her so she could tell me what might be useful and what was more than likely a waste of time and her verdict was that anything that you might want which is sold at one of these stores was something that I’d be better off buying somewhere else anyway – and probably for cheaper.

Anyway, we’re slowly stocking up on the essentials and some of the niceties and trying to keep an eye out for some unique things for you. Sparky is usually pretty good at that although I did pull the reigns in a little as for a while he seemed bent on acquiring stuff without talking to me first. I think its totally awesome that he is excited but then I kind of hoped I’d be part of the whole process of deciding what we wanted you to have when you arrived, you know? That seems all cool now though. The next hurdle however is having somewhere to put everything because at the moment your bedroom is 2/3 our wardrobe. Sorry.



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