Week Twenty

Dear Button,

The stomach pats have started. I knew it would happen. Expected it even at some point but wasn’t quite sure how I’d feel about it. I know its only going to get worse but I have to say that even now, I’m not really a fan. Not of the unbidden let me rub your belly like you’re my own personal budda anyway. I get the curiosity and the fact that if its someone you know, a bally like that can be a marked change to see in them in a short period of time but still, girls are pretty much taught that people touching your front torso in public is not a “good” thing or at least a non-sexual one so its a little strange when people make a beeline for your mid-section.

Maybe its that I’m not totally comfortable with my body? Who knows. I do find being pregnant weird. Some women love it. I don’t. Not really. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely don’t hate it and I’m well aware that to date, its physically been very easy but I don’t revel in each new thing that is a little harder to do because it brings me one step closer to you. Finding it slightly uncomfortable to put on stockings now…very inconvenient. Finding it more difficult to roll over in bed at night (and get out of it in the morning)…rather irritating. Feeling somewhat unfit as I walk up long flights of stairs…probably largely my own fault as I know I should be doing more exercise but the pregnancy is still making a difference. On the other hand though, getting to talk to people about the fact that we’re looking forward to you at the end of the year is really nice.

You are:

  • About 16 ½ cm crown to rump although from here on out apparently you’ll be measured head to toe instead – you’ll grow in leaps and bounds by next week!
  • Sitting in a whitish coat of a slick, fatty substance called vernix caseosa that protects your skin whilst immersed in the amniotic fluid and helps to ease delivery.
  • Now producing meconium which is essential pre-natal poop that sits in your bowels during pregnancy and which I am hoping you do not decide to deposit in my womb on your way out. I’m just saying.

I am:

  • Halfway there baby!

In regards to other “symptoms” though, there hasn’t been much apart from the fact that I can feel my stomach stretching now. As I lie in bed and relax, I can feel the skin being taut as it is slowly adjusting to you. I can only assume that this feeling will continue and or increase over the coming months but hopefully (excuse the vanity) I don’t get stretch marks that are too hideous. I’m not really bothered one way or the other. I figure they’re kind of part of life and the whole process but it’d still be nice if they weren’t too terrible. Oh and the other day I found myself tearing up at Cat Stevens’ Father and Son. I really like the song and good music does a lot of things to me (The Lion King on stage made me tear up – and not just in the sad bits) but I think this time it was the pregnancy crying. It is perhaps my equivalent of losing it over a tissue commercial.

Alles Liebe,



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