Week Nineteen

Dear Button,

I’m starting to get the heavy lifting thing. I know that pregnant women should be careful about the extent to which they exert themselves and I have already encountered a number of occasions where I have been prevented from lifting or carrying something (which I felt fully able to accomplish by the way) due to my “condition” but this week was the first time that I became aware that some of my limits are now changing.

I went to the supermarket to buy a couple of items such as milk (its now got to the stage that its full for me, lite for Sparky and lactose free for the puppy), some vegetables and some yoghurt. So nothing excessive but it wasn’t like I just bought a box of tissues either. Since everything fit in two shopping bags, I didn’t see the point in putting them in the back of the car so I just opened the driver’s side door and held all the shopping out to my left to dump it into the front passenger seat and ouch! That action uses a couple of muscles that don’t feel so good any more. Note to self – don’t do that again.

But I guess that’s what you get, especially since I now have a much more noticeable “bump”. There is no mistaking that I am pregnant anymore and its even starting to show through my Michelin man of a winter coat. Its not to the extent yet that I can trade on it for a train seat on the way home but I’m sure it’ll get there. Although if all the gas I seem to be producing was helium instead of CO2 then maybe I could float my way through my days. Because still there is the gas. Throughout the whole day. Just thought I’d share.

You are:

  • At the peak of your sensory development – the nerve cells serving each of the sense are now developing in the specialised areas of the brain but this production will slow down as existing nerve cells grow larger and make more complex connections.
  • Carrying roughly six million eggs in your ovaries if you are a girl (this would of course reduce to one million by the time of birth).
  • Possibly sprouting hair on your scalp.

I am:

  • Bigger, adjusting and all that other great stuff.

I hear that I might be inclined to nest and clean and be moody and perhaps light-headed at this time but I can’t say that I think I have been so affected. Sparky may have a different opinion on a few of those. I think I have thought about nesting and been frustrated by the lack of appropriate funds to do exactly what I would like to do but still, nothing has slapped me across the face and said hey, this is new. So all quiet on the western front. And I think thats ok.

Alles Liebe,



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