Week Eighteen

Dear Button,

I wasn’t really feeling it this week. Increasingly pregnant that is. I do still feel pregnant of course. I’m still looking for clothes that fit (and are warm!) and I’m still talking about you and how its all going but there was nothing really new this week. No cravings, swellings, (noticeable) mood swings, aversions, pains, concerns or otherwise noteworthy occurrences. I am now counting my blessings.

You are:

  • Actually hearing sounds through the amniotic fluid with your cute little ears.
  • Over 14cm long.
  • With noticeable man parts if you are a boy and have the vagina, uterus and fallopian tubes in place if you are a girl (because I’m not giving the sex away in these letters).

I am:

  • Supposed to be watching my diet a little closer I think – pregnant does not mean that cake every day is a good thing and you have carte blanche on all foods.

And thats about all folks.

Alles Liebe,



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