Week Seventeen

Dear Button,

I think you were stretching a few more bits and pieces inside of me this week. So much so that I was getting some delightfully uncomfortable cramping feelings in the upper sides of my belly. So thanks for that. Fortunately they seemed to disappear relatively soon after they showed up so it does not appear to be a long term side effect or symptom of my pregnancy. What will be sticking around till the end however is that my innie is becoming an outie!

Maybe simple things amuse simple minds and all that but I find my belly button changing just plain weird. Even Sparky thought it was weird. Actually, he thought I looked weird because of it but close enough. I only noticed it in the shower the other day so either I am incredibly unobservant (which is possible) or it’s a quite recent adjustment by my body. I don’t know why but this, even more so than the growing size of my belly that no longer fits the majority of my pants, makes me think this is all really under way now. Its not something that you can explain away by overeating or lack of exercise. You’re actually pushing it out from the inside. I think you’re doing a few other things too. Apparently:

You are:

  • Developing the all-important adipose tissue or baby fat.
  • Hard at work transforming your skeleton from soft cartilage into solid bone.

I am:

  • Getting bigger.
  • Apparently supposed to be able to start feeling you from about now.

I have actually felt flutterings this week which I am pretty sure are from you moving about or “quickening” as they call it. They’re a subtle thing and only occasional but at times its almost like a rippling sensation inside. Its nothing I can touch with my hands but it is there. Like the pockets of air that periodically feel like they’re bubbling from one place to another internally. Maybe its because so much is shifting around inside, some of it is trying to get out. Like the gas. Oh, the gas. I suppose I should be thankful (or maybe that was everyone else should be thankful) that its not wind but its becoming a lot more constant. Even more than an hour after I eat (and I’m still eating reasonably regularly so that’s a lot). Its not particularly flattering. It does make things a lot more comfortable though…

Alles Liebe,



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